CONTEST: Which of Ash's companion had the best battles in your opinion?

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  • Brock

    5 27.78%
  • Misty

    3 16.67%
  • May

    7 38.89%
  • Dawn

    10 55.56%
  • Iris

    6 33.33%
  • Cilan

    7 38.89%
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Thread: Which of Ash's companion had the best battles in your opinion?

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    Default Which of Ash's companion had the best battles in your opinion?

    You can vote for more than one character on the poll, since I know people enjoyed battles from more than just one or two characters.

    I've excluded Tracey, because he only had like...2 battles, and Max because his battles (with Poliwag and Corphish), weren't enough to go by.

    Which character(s) had the best battles in the show?

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    Default Re: Which of Ash's companion had the best battles in your opinion?

    I was going to say Iris and Cilan, but that's something I'll see in the future.

    If Pre-Unova, I'm going to say May.

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    Default Re: Which of Ash's companion had the best battles in your opinion?

    I voted for Iris, but I would have voted for others as well, but I completely missed that you actually could vote for more than one. *facepalm*

    I've enjoyed every single battle Iris have had as of yet, and even though I know that lots of people are thinking that they are all unfair and that Iris is being over promoted, I still love all of them. Georgia, Ash, Cabernet, Luke, Masaomi, Kenyan... Yeah, I think all of them were some really awesome battles. still furious with her not getting to have an on-screen battle with Watchog-guy though, bleeh
    It's probably a tie with May though. I loved her battles as well, but yeah, I missed that you could vote for more than one....

    And Misty... Aww, I really like her, but I can't say that her battles have been among the best, which is really unfortunate. And it's sad that she didn't get to battle too much considering for how long she was actually in the series, but I still love her.
    Also, her battle with Molly was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. At least the one between Mantine and Staryu. Shame we didn't get to see the end of it.

    When it comes to Dawn I'll have to say that she had some awesome battles too. I really dislike her character, but denying the fact that her battles weren't good would only be ridiculous. But, yeah, some of them also bored me to tears.

    Cilan have also had some great battles, but his tasting time have also made some of them extremely boring and simply annoying. Ugh. And when it comes to Brock... Ehum, I'd say that it's the same case her as with Misty, especially thinking of how much longer Brock actually were in the series, so I certainly won't pick him. But still, I loved his tag battles with Holly (that was her name, right?) and Ash.

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    Default Re: Which of Ash's companion had the best battles in your opinion?

    The only fair thing from me to do would be to vote for everyone, because each of this characters had at least few battles which can go in rang with best battles other companions had.

    May- i liked her style as coordinator being more focused on battling aspect and her battle with Drew Flygon and Absol at Grand Festivav in BF had to be one of best battles i ever seen. It was intense and full of unexpected moves coming from both sides. Her battle against Harley and smart use of combined Beautiful silver wind and Bulbasaur razor leaf was pretty neat too.

    Than there is Brock . Yes he maybe didn't battled very often, but when he did his battles were usually of high quality. For example i really enjoyed in his battle against Lola with Onix using skillful strategy which brought him win against water type like Mantine.
    Battle in BF with Steelix on Ash side against Jessie and James was definitely in category of best battles we had too with dragon breath and iron tail reflecting real potential this pokemon had.

    Iris didn't battled a whole lot, but her Excadrill proved to be formidable force to deal with and so far i think her battle against Ash Pikachu or Langley Beartic was one of best we had so far in BW. I especially enjoyed in teamwork from Iris and Excadrill in rematch against Beartic, with newly learned focus blast and powerful drill run bringing her draw. Even more so because after long time lost bond between trainer and pokemon was restored giving significance to whole battle.

    Same goes for Cilan, his win with Dwebble against Trip Gurdurr was so far best battle he had imo. Trip barrage of attacks breaking Dwebble defense put Cilan skills to real test, with his comeback from using shell smash to increase power of rock slide and effective capturing Trip pokemon in trap once again vindicating his big knowledge about pokemon and battle strategy.

    Dawn had some great battles during her run. I believe one of her highlights happened against Ursula in last contest battle before GF with great strategy and perfect combination of Mamoswine and Cyndaquil "flame ice"managing to break up team work from Pluzle and Minun bringing her well deserved win. Honorable mention goes to her battle in finals against Zoey. She may have lost but that charging Piplup peck and Togekiss sky attack being surrounded in red light was pretty impressive.

    Misty should have battled more without doubt, and after witnessing how strong and tough as trainer she can be hiding huge potential i regret this didn't happened. For example one of her best battles were against Dorian Mantine with whole underwater match being something fresh and cool, battle with Corsola against Quilfish in Whirl Cup was great too and she really kicked ass with Gyarados in chronicles when battling brothers trio Tentacruels adding to her credibility in defeating long time fear. But out of all battles she had i have to admit clash with Molly Mantine was best hands down. I was impressed with skillful use of Staryu in that battle with Misty using some really good strategy there, with rapid spin negating combination of Whirlpool and bubble beam Molly used. Clash between two water types going all out on each other was exciting and simply beautiful.

    Can't remember any other underwater match in show which was so good, i only wish it was finished.

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    Default Re: Which of Ash's companion had the best battles in your opinion?

    I voted Brock and Cilan. And I agree with pokemon fan 132 there. Brock and Cilan both have experiences of being the first gym leaders of the region - therefore, they would've met plenty of rookie trainers who were just starting out. Their job is to bring out the trainers' potential while equally "teach" battles to them. So naturally, their battle strategies are of very high quality, and they don't pick stupid moves. They understand their pokemons perfectly well, and are able to have them battle to their fullest.

    Misty had a lot of battles, and yes, she's one of the strongest trainers Ash had travelled with. But her battles don't seem as sophisticated as Brock's nor Cilan's.

    May and Dawn were more focused on contest battles, so I'm not really going to count them as "field" battlers.

    Iris is a natural born battler, and I'm going to say she's got a lot of potential. But she still hasn't shown everything about her.


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