The Chef’s Chateau is proud to present: The Second Bulbagarden Cooking Contest!

For many right now, it’s summer! A time for relaxation, fun with friends and family, and plenty of sunshine! But the thing that interests us the most here at Chef’s Chateau is the food! Summer is full of fresh food with vibrant flavors, and we’re asking you to help us by showing us your favorite summer treats.

It’s as simple as preparing your favorite summer foods and sharing a picture of it with us. We’ll be accepting entries in three categories: Sweet, Savory, and Beverages. Participants can enter as many categories as they like!

Rules and Guidelines:
1. You must be an active member of the forum to participate.

2. Your entry needs to express the summer theme in some manner. Explain to us why you believe the dish represents summer to you.

3. Extra points will also be rewarded for entries that include a Pokémon theme (including a Pokémon item in your picture, or naming your recipe after a Pokémon character will count.) This is a Pokémon forum after all!

4. In your submission post, you must include the following:
• A photo of the food you made.
• Your username displayed in the picture somewhere. It cannot be photoshopped in. It has to be in the actual picture.
• The recipe must be included in your post.

5. Your recipe does not have to be original. If you do use someone else's recipe, please link to it in your submission post.

6. If you are participating in more than one category, please edit them all into one post to avoid cluttering the thread.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, August 16.

Good luck and have fun! :)