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Thread: Is it hard for you to try new foods?

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    Default Re: Is it hard for you to try new foods?

    Depends how hungry I am. If I'm hungry enough, I'll try just about anything I'm offered. Otherwise, good luck getting me to eat anything different.
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    Default Re: Is it hard for you to try new foods?

    I actually love trying new foods as long as they don't have any ingredient I hate ^ ^"
    New desserts and vegetable dishes are always welcome though (I'm only picky with meat and some fishes lol)

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    Default Re: Is it hard for you to try new foods?

    It depends. If there's the option to eat something I already know I like, I'll usually go with that instead of something new (in case I don't like the new food and end up wasting it), but sometimes I'll try something if it looks good and doesn't have any ingredients I don't like.

    I'm the opposite of some people here when it comes to seafood, though. I really like seafood, and it's probably the type of food I'm least picky about.

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    Default Re: Is it hard for you to try new foods?

    Just, not even going to sugarcoat it or anything
    It's super duper hard for me to not eat anything that is outside of my little comfort zone. I really wish I could try more but I'd probably gag or spit out new food (ie, fruit, I can't eat fruit the texture feels weird to me and I can't get passed that.)
    Hopefully my tastes will expand with age, though.
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