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    Default Food Advice

    Well, over the summer, I've managed to lose 20 pounds by dieting and exercising. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I know I'll be going to a few dinners. I also know that with cold and inclimate weather, exercise will be an issue as well. So, I was wondering, what would be a good strategy for conquering these holiday meals and not gain 15 pounds from them? Any exercise tips would be helpful as well.

    So far, I've done these things:
    ~Cut out most soda to around 1 can a day
    ~Drink 3-5 bottles of cold water everyday (I put propel in it if I feel I need flavor)
    ~Try to keep myself entertained so I won't eat out of boredom
    ~Try to be stress-free so I don't go back to being an 'emotional eater', and so I won't "sleep eat".
    ~Take Vitamins (sometimes I tend to forget though)
    ~Eat home-cooked meals more often
    ~Eating fast food less

    I'm not sure what else I could do, honestly. ^^;; That's why I need your help. I don't want to get back to what I used to weigh. Being healthy and getting to a healthier weight is what I really want to accomplish. Not to be skinny.

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    Default Re: Food Advice

    Ahh, holidays, the perfect time to lose track.

    You can try cutting back on your portions at those times. Instead of having a large bowl of food, then have a small bowl of something.

    and try hard not to take anything home.
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    Default Re: Food Advice

    I think one way would be to fill yourself up with fruits and vegetables so you would be less tempted to eat more things that have high percentages of carbs. If you have time, try doing some exercises like sit-ups or push-ups or anything that works out your abdominal area.

    Hope that helped!


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