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    Default Experimental baking

    All right, I got these recipes from a...rather embarrassing source.

    Click at your peril!

    At first I was "The fuck are you smoking!?". Then I looked and I realized that with some modifications, they may actually taste good.

    Carrot and Apple Cookies

    Oat cookies:


    Oat Molasses Cookies

    Carrot Cake


    So my question is will these modifications work or did I just get trolled?

    Bear in mind that I am new to baking.

    Oh and if I never repost again, assume my penchant for experimental cooking has caused severe injury and kick my friend in the balls for me.
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    Default Re: Experimental baking

    Nutella cookies, fools!!!

    1 cup of Nutella
    1 cup of all purpose flour
    1 egg
    1/2 cup of sugar

    Mix it all together in a bowl, and then make some one inch balls out of the dough. Wet the bottom of a drinking glass and flatten the cookies on a cookie sheet and make for 7-8 minutes at 350 degrees.

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    Default Re: Experimental baking

    These look quite good! I might try them soon, when finals are out of the way.


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