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Thread: Desserts Galore!

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    Default Desserts Galore!

    I'm kind of hoping that in this thread, we can share what we know from wherever we learned about desserts. Certain desserts and how to make them. It's a free-for-all, so post whatever you want -- even things you've found on online resources, just make sure you source where you got the recipe. CB

    All I've got to offer at the moment from off the top of my head is how to make Snickerdoodles and Melon Bread.

    So let's start off with Snickerdoodles. I learned it from the Martha Stewart cookbook (and I'm actually kind of hoping to modify it sooner or later to make them a bit better than how they were when I made them by that book BU).


    Next we have Melon Bread (or Melonpan). A popular Japanese pastry. Probably not a good thing for beginning bakers to try and make. It is actually very delicate and some of the slightest screw ups can leave you with not a very appetizing pastry.

    I learned how to make it via Cooking With Dog off of YouTube.

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    Default Re: Desserts Galore!

    Haha, I absolutely LOVE the Martha Stewart Cookie book.... My favorite recipe is the cream filled macaroons. I really want to get the cupcake book for my mom (cupcakes are her favorite thing to bake).

    I've always wanted to try melonpan, but I doubt I could do it properly.... :(

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    Default Re: Desserts Galore!

    Both of those recipe look great. I doubt I'd be able to do the Melon bread, but I think I will try those cookies this week, after I'll be done with those pie I just finished.

    Here is the recipe:


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