Fried Rice

1 cup of Rice
300g of bacon
150g of onion
3 cups of water
Half a Capsicum(optional)
3 Eggs

Soy sauce
Sweet chili sauce
Bbq sauce

Put the rice to cook for 15-20 minutes, while the rice is cooking cut up the onion and capsicum to fry, once this is finished cook the bacon until brown and delicious after this is done move all contents from pan(whatever you are cooking with), onto a plate, then put the eggs on to the pan and scramble them, when you have scrambled the eggs add some of the rice and the bacon and onion mix, then it is time to sauce the fried rice, add the sauces with any helping of your liking, while it cools butter bread if you like.

Send in pics if you like

Please try my home made recipe and enjoy.