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    Have you ever eaten a whole box or bag of something? (i.e. an entire box of cereal, box of cookies, loaf of bread, large bag of chips, crackers, or pretzels, an entire cake, pie, or pizza, an entire bunch of bananas or grapes, etc.)

    I'm guilty of this often. I'm a true glutton.

    Once, when I was fifteen, I ate a whole bag of Oreos. They were the kind covered in white chocolate. They're my absolute favourite variety of Oreo. Mum bought them one Sunday, and on Monday night she discovered that they were missing. I told her I had taken the bag up to my room at 9:30 PM and eaten the whole bag. (She also found a few crumbs in my room.)

    When I was eighteen, I bought a chocolate cake and ate the whole thing without sharing.
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    Default Re: All in one sitting

    Its not something I do very often anymore. One night in high school I ate an entire bag of mini Reese and about an hour later I vomited all of it. To this day I still cant eat peanut butter or Hersey's chocolate.
    The only thing I can eat in one sitting now is cheesecake.

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