Another export game. Dunno if we had it already, but I didn't see it here. This one requires some kind of music library or playlist on your computer or on some kinda MP3 Player. Load your track listing, put it on shuffle/random/whatever, and for each track you get, that will be one of your songs on the soundtrack for a movie based on your life:

Opening Credits
Waking Up Scene
Getting Ready Scene
Car Driving Scene
High School Flashback Scene
Nostalgic Scene
Angry Scene
Agony, Painful Scene
Break-up Scene
Sad, Breakdown Scene
Nightclub/Dance Scene
Buddy/Sidekick Scene
Dreaming of Someone Scene
Contemplation Scene
Love Scene
Kissing Scene
Relaxing Scene
Action/Fight Scene
Victory Scene
Closing Credits

The first song you get would be on the opening credits, second on the waking up scene and so on. Here's what I got:

Opening Credits: Yoshito Hirano: "Kindle's Theme" - A rather odd opening song, considering that this is the image song of a villainess.
Waking Up Scene: Yoshito Hirano: "Goddess of Revenge - Zadia" - Another Advance Wars chick's theme? iTunes hates me today. Still, it's loud and thus an effective waking up song, I suppose.
Getting Ready Scene: Green Day: "No Pride" - Yeah, I can just imagine getting dressed, washing etc. to Green Day. Pretty fitting for me, I think, considering the subject matter of No Pride.
Car Driving Scene: Yoshito Hirano: "Macro Land Map": The mission select music from AW2? Actually sounds like a decent driving track. Good pick, shuffle!
High School Flashback Scene: Green Day: "Geek Stink Breath" - lol, but can I have something that isn't Green Day or Advance Wars? >_>;
Nostalgic Scene: Yoshito Hirano: "Jugger's Theme" - Evidently not. Also what the smeg.
Angry Scene: Atomic Rooster: "Tomorrow Night" - Terribly unfitting, but yay! It's not GD or AW! \o/
Agony, Painful Scene: Yoshito Hirano: "Courage" - This movie's soundtrack is now officially crap.
Break-up Scene: Yoshito Hirano: "Olaf's Theme" - This movie is now officially Advance Wars: The Movie. At least this one kinda works.
Sad, Breakdown Scene: Yoshito Hirano: "Safe For Now" - Uhh... wut?
Nightclub/Dance Scene: Lou Reed: "Vicious" - Much, much better.
Buddy/Sidekick Scene: Devo: "Mongaloid" - Yeah, that works. I think the soundtrack's redeeming itself.
Dreaming of Someone Scene: Free: "My Brother Jake" - So much for redemption. D=
Contemplation Scene: Iggy Pop: "Lust for Life" - wut
Love Scene: Vice Squad: "Out of Reach" - Says it all really. ;_;
Kissing Scene: Green Day: "Wake Me Up When September Ends" - When I did this before, I got the exact same song for this. What. The. Crap.
Relaxing Scene: Department S: "Going Left Right" - Okay? Would have been better at the club/dance, dream or love scene.
Action/Fight Scene: Atreyu: "Becoming the Bull" - That's almost epic. O_o;
Victory Scene: The Hooters: "Satellite" - Intriguing.
Funeral: Avenged Sevenfold: "Almost Easy" - Weird.
Closing Credits: Extreme: "Hole Hearted" - Odd.

Let's see how messed up your movie's soundtrack would be.