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    Default Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon

    EDIT from Hallow♥: This thread has been closed due to age, post numbers, and inactivity.

    I'm sure you've all heard of this game, but let me explained it for those not in the know.
    Kevin Bacon is a prolific actor who has been in numerous movies with numerous actors. One day, somebody said "Hey, I bet you can connect every actor and actress with Kevin Bacon through movies."
    And thus, a phenomenon was spawned.
    It has been proven that there are only two actors who CANNOT be connected to Kevin Bacon. One is Mexican, and the other only appears in a home video.
    So, let's play SDSKB!
    I'll give an example to start.
    Let's say Pierce Brosnan to Kevin Bacon.
    Pierce Brosnan-(Tomorrow Never Dies)->Vincent Schiavelli-(One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)->Jack Nicholson-(A Few Good Men)->Kevin Bacon
    Now I will suggest a person to connect to Kevin Bacon, and if you do it, you get to suggest another person to connect to Kevin Bacon.
    Here's a useful resource:
    Now, do Humphrey Bogart to Kevin Bacon.
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