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    Default Poor dubbing!

    I'm not sure if this would be the most appropriate section for this thread.

    This is a funny thing to do when you're bored: Take any phrase, lyric, sentence, or whatever, then put it through a translator (such as Google Translate), and translate it to another language. Then copy the translated text, and translate that back to English, with no alterations. The results can sometimes be amusing.

    Here's the classic Pokemon theme song, translated to Japanese and then back to English. That's right, this is "The Pokemon Theme Song (Poorly Dubbed Version)"!


    (Musical intro)

    I was like anyone, ever want to be very far!

    Them to train them, and to catch, a real test for me is causing me!

    I have searched extensively, and over the land!

    Each Pokemon to understand, the internal forces!

    (Pokemon, is that you catch them all!) It's you and me! I know that it is our destiny!

    (Pokemon!) Oh, you're the best friend! In the world that we must follow!

    (Pokemon, is that you catch them all!) That our hearts are true, our courage will pull us through!

    You tell me, I'll tell you!


    But to catch them all! (But to catch them all!)



    Now you do something! And remember...

    But to catch them all!

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    Default Re: Poor dubbing!

    Sorry, this game has already been made: The Translator Game

    Remember to check The Games Directory when making a game just in case, so we don't create multiple versions of the same game =)
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