Okay, I was told that this belonged here now, so here is the deal:

Okay, so technically pokemon sprite(pokesprite for short) battling is basically like the internet version of the games except for the small fact of the matter that I don't use any high tech stuff so here's how it's gonna be. I'm gonna post the rules, the move & HP info that's gonna be needed, and the info needed for those who want to be gym leaders. Okay the first thing I'm going to do is post a sample battle. Note: The sprites that I put here MIGHT look different than the name, so forgive me if the squirtle is a wortortle or blastoise when you see this example battle.

Since this site doesn't have adoptable pokesprites, I suggest adopting sprites from, like, GPXplus.net or some site similar so you could "battle" them. Here's an example:

The first person types:
I choose you, Riolu.
Remaining HP:40

The second person types:
I choose you, Squirtle.
Remaining HP: 40
Insert pokesprite here.

The first person then types:
Riolu used Tackle.
Did 20 damage.

The second person types:
Squirtle's remaining HP: 20
Squirtle used Scratch.
Did 20 damage.

The first person types:
Riolu's remaining HP: 20
Riolu used Tackle
Did 20 damage.

The second person types:
Squirtle's remaining HP: 0
Squirtle's been KOed!

The winner is the first person.

I'm going to put a site that you can adopt pokemon sprites from in my sig, 'cus I don't think that's against the rules to put it in my sig.

That's pretty much how this is gonna work. Anyone is welcome. I promise that once this get's started, it's gonna be fun.