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    So, in this game, you look at the above poster, and observe things about them in their signature, and side bar, before coming to a conclusion.

    Poster 1-
    The poster above has few posts for the amount of time he's been on the forums, yet the name is well known. That means he must post a lot in the Fun and Games section, or went on a hiatus at one stage. His signature shows links to his latest mafia, and other things related to Roleplays.

    My conclusion is that the above poster probably posts in the Games section most of the time.

    Poster 2-
    The poster above's avatar is fan art of some anime. Her userbar is in Japanese. She has been on the forums for not very long, but her name is familiar. This means she posts in widespread parts of the forum. Her signature is a banner sporting anime, and links to her DeviantArt and Tumbr.

    My conclusion is that the poster above probably posts all around the forum, and enjoys drawing fanart.

    Ready? Go!

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    The poster above me joined exactly a year after me, and has nearly as many posts as I. His name is known to many, mainly for his work as an rpgr, mainly through his award winning roleplay ampiomach academy. :)

    My conclusion is that He is a major player in the RPG section :) :)

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    ^'s username has the phrase Ace Trainer. Possibly she takes pride in her competitive Pokemon play. She has a fairly large post count, so possibly writes fanfiction or roleplays here. ^ has a and...something else that I don't know what it is. Description of mentions a crossover between two things I'm unfamiliar with, possibly British television, seeing as ^'s location is England. CONCLUSION: ^ does creative...writing...things, here and elsewhere. ^ lives in England and/or is an Anglophile.
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    This game is very similar to this game, hence it will be closed.
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