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Thread: How would Hollywood butcher this game?

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    Default Re: How would Hollywood butcher this game?

    Time to maul Super Mario Galaxy:

    1. Mario would be a superhero that is incredibly muscular/stupid.
    2. The Lumas would be pieces of foam with microphones inside.
    3. Peach would have to be played by some dumb blond and try to attract the " stupid college guy".
    4. Bowser would be a dragon that spits out profanity, not fire.
    5. Goombas would be replaced by Goonbas, which are real criminals.
    6. Finally, the movie would be called " Space And a Dumb Plumber and a Dumb Blond"

    next: Kirby Super Star

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    Default Re: How would Hollywood butcher this game?

    1.Kirby would be played by an overweight midget

    2.King Dedede would make several improper adult jokes

    3. Whenever Kirby swallows someone, there will be several spatters of blood gushing out of them

    4.The enemies would be terrible 3-D animations

    5. They'd find some way to include a dumb blonde

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    Default Re: How would Hollywood butcher this game?

    Nope. I've seen the fake IGN trailer and thought it was pretty good. How about Lego Racers 2 instead (oh god...).

    1. Lego costumes do NOT work.

    2. Rocket Racer would be played by Tom Cruse (I personally don't like that actor).

    3. The Berg would be replaced by a stereotypical dumb blond on a snowmobile built out of Legos.

    4. Golden Bricks would be replaced by gold bars.

    5. The XALAX jump gate would be replaced by a rip-off of the Stargate, complete with seven digit/symbol/whatever dialing sequence and powered by said gold bars.

    6. The fact that it's even a movie would be enough to maul it.

    Next: M.U.G.E.N. if you've heard of it, otherwise Super Smash Bros Brawl.
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    Default Re: How would Hollywood butcher this game?

    Smash Bros. was already mauled, so I go for M.U.G.E.N.
    1) Brad Pitt would play Master Hand
    2) The story is something about 2 video game characters and 3 cartoon characters trying to beat some of those ''immortal'' characters (like Shoop da Whoop and the Ultimate Chimera etc.) because they want to take over the world.
    3) A character that was downloaded had a major glitch resulting in the blue screen o' death and the movie will end.

    Now you can go and maul... let's say: EarthBound.

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