Over the past few months, I've been taking some weekend classes in digital security, which will ultimately lead up to OMG BIGGER SECRET THINGS. We have an assignment that will lead into our next chapter: create an encryption method. He didn't say how complex or simple, just to get it done by the next weekend.

So, I think I've got something. It's admittedly probably very easy to crack as I've only worked on it for about an hour (20 of those minutes being spent to program a quick encrypter and decrypter program pair).

Assuming no hints, as honestly your "enemy" will not know what to expect in terms of which encryption method is being used, I want to see if anyone can solve this:

0Y02X14201V1X481XU04W0W11X0VY08W2Z70V4U14Y120W03420V34W1781XU0Y1X4W02Y12XU0W180VW00X4W170V31W1Y04455 0VY1W18W00X00Z8W06W17812

That is the code to crack. You have until June 4th, 12:00 AM EST to crack it. Good luck.

After the week is up, I'm afraid I won't be able to give the answer out if the teacher of the class determines that I've made the best encryption method out of the rest of the class. He said he'll use the best method for something, so if I give out the answer, eventually it could be reverse engineered a lot easier than if it's just left to sit. :P However, since that's unlikely, feel free to get your hopes up.