Howdy folks, just Ole Medicine Cat here with a pretty simple game

Game Rules & Examples~

(Overview)-Simple you are to reply to the above users request to find there subject in a photo or image as such said as "Find apples" then the user will find a apple photo/image and caption it! Then you leave your request in return!~ Also all ways be sure to use [SPOILER] Tags to save are load time and scroll time!~ :)


User A:^ As to your request for rabbits, here you are

Okay find a "Old Crow"

User B: Okay I found a Old Crow!~

Okay find Etc!~


-Do be respect others and your self!
-Keep it some what clean, or Moderators will take out the trash.
-Use your brain, you know what's pushing the envelope.
-Don't do stuff that you know may hurt someone.
-No Race jokes please, unless it racing jokes as in vroom vroom.
-No spam, we don't like that type of meat!
-Use your every day rules of Bulbagarden, it's nothing new, all it does is keep the awesome atmosphere we all like here at Bulbagarden, thank you.
-Keep your feedback nice and okay, were not here to hurt peoples feelings, this is a fun atmosphere.
-In this game don't send people off to find nasty or rude things, we do have younger users here!
-Obey Cats! =^.^= Just the rule!
-Enjoy and have fun!~

I shall start!~ Find a Medicine Cat!=^.^=