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    1.You may only post once every 4 hours (not including this post, so I can post), to reduce spam. This will be moderated by me, and your post will be deleted, and subsequent posts edited (Without Notice) to maintain continuity. ALSO, all off-topic posts (IE, ones not attacking/transforming the person above you) will be deleted once I see! If you have a question about the rules, send me a PM, or ask it in parentheses at the beginning of one of your action posts.

    2. On your turn, you may perform one of two basic actions: Transform the poster above you, or Attack the person above you.

    3. You begin the game as a Human, and remain a Human until you are transformed into a Pokemon by another player. As a Human, you may a) make any sort of normal Attack that a Human would (IE, hit, kick, punch, grenade, etc, etc, etc... Creativity is encouraged. Violence is okay, being graphic is not. Example:

    Okay-Poster wrote:I use a Colt-44 Revolver to shoot ______.

    Graphically-Violent-not-okay-Poster (not actually that bad, but I don't want to break my own rule) wrote:I use a sword to chop ______ into little pieces, and then eat the pieces in a stir fry I cook on my Wok.

    b) You may transform the person above you into any pokemon of your choice.

    4. As a Pokemon, you may either a) use any attack that that pokemon learns (B/W Movesets) or b) transform the person above you into a pokemon of your same evolution family. EXCEPTION: If you are Mew or Ditto (IE, a pokemon that learns Transform) you may change the person above you into any other pokemon. This is IN ADDITION to Transform's effect if used as an attack, namely transforming yourself into the same type of pokemon as the person above you (or back into a Human, if they are a Human).

    5. In addition to the basic actions, please post (EVERY TIME YOU POST!!!) the following Information:
    What Pokemon you are (or if you are a Human)
    How many Points you have.
    What Special Abilities (if any) you have.

    6. Speaking of Special Abilities and points, here is the explanation for those. You get 1 Point if you make the first or last post of a page (on the forum default, 15.). Do NOT assume that you will make the first or last point on the page, and give yourself the point automatically. Instead, make your post normally, and then, if you made the first OR last post on a new page, edit your post and say: "Edit: I made the first (or last) post on this page! I get a Point!" And add that point on the info section of your post.
    You can then spend your point(s) on the following Special Abilities, in any post after the one(s) you got the point(s) for:

    Self-Transform [2 Points] Instead of using a normal action, on any turn you may transform yourself into a pokemon of your choice.

    Revert [1 Point] Instead of using a normal action, on any turn where you were transformed after your most recent post, you may transform yourself back into the pokemon you were before you were transformed.

    Multi-Transform [1 Points] Instead of transforming the person above you into only a pokemon of your family, you may transform the person above you into any pokemon.

    TM 0 [2 Points] If you are a Pokemon, allows you to use the move Transform (described above for Mew and Ditto).

    Precision Targeting [1 Point (May Buy Twice)] Allows you to target any person who has posted in the last ten posts (including the person who posted above you), instead of (only being able to target) the person above you, with any normal action or Special Ability.

    Double Attack [1 Point] Allows you to target the two people above you, with any combination of normal actions and Special Abilities (Cumulative with Precision Targeting; if One Precision Targeting is owned, may target one person in the last ten, and the poster above; if Two Precision Targetings are owned, may target any two people in the last ten.)

    7. This will last until anytime I decide to lock it, or if it gets out of control. If I lock it, I will start No. 2.

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