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    Default What Hidden Power Type to Use?/

    So I am giving a couple of my pokmeon Hidden power Types and I was wondering for my Mow Rotom what it should be? Any Suggestions?

    Also for My Hydreigon should I just go with Dark Type since I Want to Keep Earth Power and Not Breed Dark Pulse?

    Also Any Suggestions on A Spc Attack Charizard???

    Also My Accelgor any Feedback is Appreciated!!!!
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    Default Re: What Hidden Power Type to Use?/

    I'm going to close this thread, as it's not withstanding with the BS&T Rules. In future, please use this thread for singular questions.
    And in response to your query, it depends on your team and threats. Dark Pulse is always better on Hydreigon. I haven't actively used Charizard, but HP Grass seems to work well.

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