Thoughts on Blastoise EV spread?
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Thread: Thoughts on Blastoise EV spread?

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    Default Thoughts on Blastoise EV spread?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm raising a new Blastoise, and I'm curious how to spread the EV's around.

    Trying to make a tank, one that can absorb a tonne of damage, but come back swinging.

    Projected stats at lvl 50: Hp:153 Atk:90 Def:118 SAtk:105 SDef:124 Spd:94

    31 IV in SAtk, serious nature.

    Thinking Hydropump, Ice Beam, Focus Blast and Toxic/Surf.

    Any thoughts? Thanks all
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    Default Re: Thoughts on Blastoise EV spread?

    Well what I'd do if I considering you want your Blastoise to be a tank of sorts is raise it's Hp and Sp. At. And you know if you have any time left but it into it's Sp. At. That's just what I would do.

    I'm sort of new to Ev training to if what I said makes no scene just keep on going with your training... Um I hope that helps...

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