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    Question Team Rating is needed

    Well, I really need some feedback on this one! I plan to go back online, and I wanted to know how my single-play team was! NO Legendaries included (I believe them to be kinda hax, since I AR'd a Mew at the VERY BEGINNING of my adventure in Black... TOO DAMN EASY TO WIN.)

    1. Torterra
    2. Mienshao
    3. Salamence
    4. Eelektross
    5. Chandelure
    6. Ursaring

    1. Typhlosion
    2. Milotic
    3. Accelgor
    4. Froslass
    5. Galvantula
    6. Espeon

    Alright, lets get down to it.
    Torterra - Lv. 100 (I was SO lucky to get a beneficial nature from him :D)
    Wood Hammer
    Stone Edge
    Iron Defense

    Mienshao - Lv. 100
    Hi Jump Kick
    Aura Sphere
    Giga Impact

    Salamence - Lv.100
    Dragon Claw
    Fly (HM)

    Eelektross - Lv. 100
    Dragon Claw
    Earthquake (he learned it after my cousin trained him to Lv. 80 while I trained his Gigalith)
    Shadow Claw

    Chandelure - Lv. 100 (One of my two sweepers)
    Calm Mind
    Fire Blast
    Shadow Ball

    Ursaring - Lv. 100
    Swords Dance (I dunno how. I chocked it up to my cousin's doing again =w=)
    Giga Impact
    Hammer Arm
    In single play and co-op, I'm confident. However, I wanna go BACK to online; however all I meet are Arceus-laden teams dashed with a bit of Giratina here or there... so I MIGHT resurrect my Mew (whom I lent to my brother), and beat the living hell out of those dumb Arceus teams. Don't get me wrong, I have won on MANY occasions, it's just that it's ANNOYING as hell... so I want my team to be as STRONG AS HUMANLY ( ) POSSIBLE to win competitions ^^

    And who better than to ask fellow fans of this fair franchise of games~

    NOTE: Crucifixion of my team may be needed~ Don't be RUDE, but be as BLUNT as humanly possible, please ^^

    A SIDE NOTE: Well, taking into account everything; I have ascertained that all but 2 on my team are Female XDD (The males being Torterra and Eelektross).

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    Default Re: Team Rating is needed

    Sorry, but nobody can rate a team like this.
    Atleast put up evs, natures and some description so, that we can know what each pokemon does and what your team needs.
    And finally, by online,I assume you mean random matchup,You can't encounter arceus and co. over random matchup.
    If you mean wifi, then you must be battling in the ubers, where a team like this has no chance.
    Quote Originally Posted by Takaki View Post
    @Pikmin1211; Pokemon Online has options for all but rotation battles. None of those you listed are competitive metagames though except Cresselia championships... I mean VGC.

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    Default Re: Team Rating is needed


    I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to close this topic. Please read this thread before posting a team in this forum. If you the make the appropriate changes to your post, I'll re-open your thread.


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