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    Talking Team Advice?

    I am making a team for competitive battling, but I need help finding the last team member and figuring out some movesets .I am going to EV train these pokemon.

    My planned team is:

    Akaito, Darmanitian(M), jolly nature. 252 EVs in attack and speed. Thrash, Fire punch Flare Blitz

    Haku, Samurott(F), Sassy nature. 252 EVs in sp.def and defense. Ice beam, toxic, protect, surf

    Miku, Metagross(-),Sassy nature, 252 EVs in sp.def and Attack. Earthquake,bullet punch, hammer arm

    Gakupo,Espeon(M),Timid nature, DW ability "Magic Bounce". 252 EVs in Sp.Att and speed. Psychic, Charm

    Meiko, Hydregion(F), Mild nature, 252 EVs in Speed and Sp.att. Dark pulse, Outrage/dragon pulse, Flamethrower.

    *depressing empty spot...*

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    Default Re: Team Advice?

    @Bonepelt Here's (<---) a general thread for this purpose in the Battle Strategy and Tactics (<---) section. I don't know if everyone who views that thread goes to this section.
    Feel free(r) to discuss Battle Strategy with me--I'll discuss anything really.

    Besides being a strange (retired) battler with a storied, legendary, mythical, exaggerated, and relatively unknown career, I am also an amateur English B&W anime reviewer. (pachiba, you like?)

    And I take hoedowns seriously.


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