Should I keep this Modest Yveltal?

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Thread: Should I keep this Modest Yveltal?

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    Default Should I keep this Modest Yveltal?

    I synchronized a Modest Yveltal and the first I caught had the following IV's

    28 / 31 / 30 / 31 / 31 / 27

    Should I keep it, or keep SRing until I get something else?

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    Default Re: Should I keep this Modest Yveltal?

    uh, it depends. it's by no stretch of the imagination *bad*, but i feel like the 31 speed iv is really important. if you're not a big competitive battler, then it's more than enough speed (i think a 27 speed iv still outspeeds everything that you'd need or want to, but do be aware that you only tie with haxorus and are outpaced by hydreigon); however, if you want to use the yveltal in serious competitive play, i think you'd probably want a better speed iv


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