Recently, I've taken to playing around in GSC OU whenever possible. It's pretty dang stally this generation, but that tends to make a crucial kill especially delicious. I pretty much threw this team together, and it does well at times, but I still can't help but feel it's missing something. Maybe you can help me. Bulbagardeners.

One thing to note: There won't be notifications of EVs because this is in GSC, meaning before the EV system was implemented. Instead, we have Stat Experience, which every stat can be maxed out in. Just assume that all stats have max Stat Exp.

Anyway, here's the team.

Item: Leftovers

Giga Drain
Sleep Powder

I put up good ol' Egghead here as my lead pretty much for the express purpose of putting something to sleep, hence the presence of Sleep Powder. Beyond that, he tends to be somewhat useful at putting offensive pressure on certain opponents, though his many weaknesses tend to make me switch him out. Psychic is a solid STAB, seeing as the only common Dark-type in GSC OU is Tyranitar, which is in turn hit rather hard by Giga Drain. Giga Drain, by the way, serves as my secondary STAB and a means of scoring a little extra recovery. When worse comes to worst, I can always have him go BOOOOOOOOM!!! and hopefully demolish something in the process. 'Course, I do have to be wary of Gengar and Misdreavus.

Item: Leftovers

Ice Punch
Destiny Bond

I slapped Gengar in as a sort of "smart bomb." This guy needs good prediction to really shine, but when I can manage that, the outcome is usually good. Gengar has no good STABs pre-DP (physical Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb aren't good), so my primary attacks are Thunderbolt and Ice Punch, just for BoltBeam coverage. DynamicPunch is very risky with only 50% accuracy, but it's necessary for Gengar to even stand a chance against Tyranitar. Besides, it does enough to KO if the tyrant's below half its HP, and the confusion can be useful in any case. Destiny Bond serves as an emergency move in case I'm up against a dangerous setup sweeper that Gengar can't otherwise destroy in one hit. It's a desperate way to prevent things from getting out of hand, but it's a way, OK?

Item: Leftovers

Acid Armor
Baton Pass

This is actually one of the two Pokémon I built my team around. I originally built this thing to support Zapdos, something I had wanted to use for a long time, but I later came to realize that pretty much anything on my team can use certain boosts. Acid Armor raises Defense by two stages, easily outrunning the opponent's Attack boosts from Curse. This is generally useful for any one of my guys, but Snorlax in particular appreciates this boost. Growth is a rather slow way to raise Special Attack, but in GSC, it's the only way, so there you have it. Gengar, Eggy, Zapdos, and even Vaporeon itself all benefit from Growth. Then there's Baton Pass, the whole reason I'm using Vaporeon here in the first place. As for Surf, it gives Vaporeon a way to fight if it really needs to. Of course, the threat of Surf causes opponents to always switch to something that can take it. That, combined with the lack of Taunt this generation, is actually making me consider putting Rest over Surf. Leftovers by itself doesn't heal it well enough, and I have Miltank, so yeah.

Item: Leftovers

Hidden Power Ice
Sleep Talk

And now we move on to the other Pokémon that I built my team around: the legendary Zapdos. This is my primary Baton Pass recipient, as well as my sleep absorber and special tank. Thunderbolt is a powerful and reliable STAB, especially after some Growth boosts. I went with Thunderbolt rather than Thunder specifically because of Growth, and also because I don't like missing with my STAB. HP Ice grants BoltBeam coverage. Rest allows Zapdos to stay alive and shrug off annoying status, while Sleep Talk ensures that it isn't completely helpless in the meantime. Get this: in GSC, if Sleep Talk picks Rest and the user is damaged, Rest heals the user and resets the sleep counter. Because of this, Sleep Talk isn't as terrible as it is in later generations.

Item: Leftovers

Body Slam
Belly Drum

Pretty much threw this big lug in because he's the king of GSC OU. This thing's special bulk is freakin' amazing, and it's good at spreading paralysis around with its Body Slam, a decently strong and reliable STAB. With an Acid Armor or two from Vaporeon, combined with its already-amazing special bulk, Snorlax can quite easily set up Belly Drum when major offensive threats are gone, allowing it to steamroll everything in its path. That's why I went with Belly Drum instead of the typical Curse. Earthquake gives coverage against things that are resistant or immune to Body Slam; this neutral coverage only misses out on Skarmory and Aerodactyl. I doubt I even need to explain Rest here.

Item: Leftovers

Body Slam
Milk Drink
Heal Bell

Miltank may only really be here for one reason, but it's a very important one: Heal Bell. That one move is a godsend, especially on a team like mine where Rest tends to be used quite frequently. Of course, status in general is enough of a reason to warrant a cleric. Much like Snorlax, this thing uses Body Slam to hurt things a bit and hopefully paralyze. Milk Drink is a very reliable move for keeping the cow alive, particularly since it's a bad idea to put your own cleric to sleep with Rest. Growl might seem weird, but in a metagame where Curse is all the rage, neutralizing the opponent's Attack boosts (and even PP-stalling out Curse) can save your life. I wish Miltank had access to Charm, but I guess Growl's good enough.

So yeah, that's my team.