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    So I've been breeding Larvitars to try and get the best IV Tyranitar for my sand team, and I've been trying to get a 31 IV HP/Attack/Speed Larvitar. Yesterday I got one an Adamant Nature (Which is what I wanted) with 27HP/31Attack/26Def/31Sp.Attack/31Sp.Def./31Speed IV's. So my question is will the 4HP IV's and the 5Def. IV's that It's lacking make a huge difference in a battle? Should I keep this one since it has 4 other perfect IV's and an overall high IV total, or should I keep breeding to try and get a 100% perfect one?

    Sorry if this is a seemingly dumb question, I'm just starting out with the breeding and team building so I have very little knowledge in this stuff.

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    I personally would be satisfied, but I usually give up quickly on things like this. If you are a perfectionist, go for it. If not, your're probably fine. It wont take hits to its defense quite as well, but a few points really shouldn't matter that much. It's really up to you and your standards.

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    It took me around 200 eggs to get one with IV's that good, so if a few missing IV's won't make a huge difference I think I might just use this one instead of hatching countless more eggs in hopes of getting 6 perfect IV's. Thanks a bunch!

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    No problem. It's really hard to get perfect pokemon without RNG, so you are making the right call.

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    I've personally never been a fan of cloning/using other methods to get amazing poke's, it seems too much like cheating. Doing it the legit "old fashioned" way feels more gratifying, and from what I've seen people appreciate the poke's you breed and hatch from eggs yourself more than the other ways of getting perfect pokemon.

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    I agree, I think that's a good Tyranitar. Even if it's not perfect, if you throw it out first w/Sand Stream it has served its purpose. What moves are you giving it?

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