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    Default Rate these pokemon

    How are my Pokemon?
    Infernape "Burner" Yeah, awful nickname @Flame plate
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Blaze
    Blast Burn (good power, STAB)
    Calm Mind (Raise Sp. Atk and Def.)
    Flamethrower (decent PP)
    Close combat (Replacing with focus last when I get the tm, secondary stab)

    Samurott @ Bug Gem
    Nature: Hardy
    Ability: Torrent
    Hydro Annon (good power, stab)
    Megahorn (bye bye grass types)
    Dig (bye bye electric types)
    Swords Dance

    Serperior @ None
    Ability: Overgrow
    Dragon Tail (nice move)
    Coil (great status move)
    Frenzy Plant (Good power, stab)
    Aerial Ace (Coverage for those Fire/Fighting types)

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    Default Re: Rate these pokemon

    Personally Fire Blast > Blast Burn on your "Burner"
    That one turn of rest you have to sacrifice allows opponents to set up on you.
    I suggest giving your Infernape either a Focus Sash or Life Orb.rather than a flame plate.

    Samurott should not have dig. Dig allows one turn of your opponent to switch into something that resists ground type attacks and set up on you. I suggest replacing Hydro Cannon with Aaua Jet. At +2 Atk, Aqua Jet achieves 80 power plus most of your samurott's Moveset are purely physical based.

    For serperior: Delete Frenzy Plant for Seed Bomb, or some other attacking grass move. Frenzy plant is special based, and coil only increases accuracy, defense and attack.

    I suggest breeding for natures. Infernape is fine, but samurott could use: Rash, Adamant, Jolly, Or naive.
    Serperior should be Jolly or adamant if you want to run a coil set.
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    Default Re: Rate these pokemon

    Just to make it clear I never really liked starters (except blaziken) But to use them effectively you need to go with their natural stats.

    Infernape is naturally speed and phyisical attack based. He works well as a hit-and-run sort of fighter. Yes he has good sp.atk but his fighting type makes him better physically. Because he has low defences training him for speed is best. I suggest getting a jolly natured one (by breeding) then EV train for physical atk and speed. Teach it flare blitz , close combat, earthquake and shadow claw. You do not need PP because his low defences won't have him fighting too many turns without dishing out a LOT of damage. that said, give it a life orb.

    close combat, flare blitz and earthquake are all good on many types and shadow claw is for irritatingly resistant ghosts.

    Samurott is a surdy but slow pokemon. Irritatingly he can't take a hit from a special attack. The best I can suggest is, just like infernape, jolly with speed and physical training. give it a focus sash,then swords dance first turn. If your opponent cuts you down to 1 HP and is faster use aqua jet, if 1 hp and your opponent's slower use aqua tail the boost from torrent will help you here and if you are stll above half HP on turn 2 cut their defences with razor shell.

    Of all the bad starters you needed to ask about serperior...
    He has high speed, okay defences and nothing else. find a different pokemon.
    If you use serperior you will have an impossible weakness to flying types especially zapdos.

    if you want a grass type, use ferrothorn. teach it protect and leech seed and, depending on your fighting style, either ingrain and power whip for a defencive one or curse and gyro ball for an offencive one. use protect turn 1 to see what your opponent does then leech seed, then ingrain/curse and stall.


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