Noivern: Item-Choice Specs. Set- Hurricane, U-Turn, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower. Nature-Timid
Scizor: Item- Choice Band. Set- U-Turn, Bullet Punch, Pursuit, Brick Break.
Greninja: Item-Focus Sash. Set- Spikes, Surf, Dark Pulse, Ice beam. Nature-Timid.
Klefki: Item-Leftovers. Set- Torment, Toxic, Substitute, Foul Play/Spikes. Nature- Impish
Aggron: Item- Aggronite. Set- Taunt, Stealth Rocks, Dragon Tail, Iron Head. Nature- Adamant/Careful
Rotom-W: Item-Chesto Berry. Set- Volt Switch, Hydro Pump, Rest, Will-O-Wisp. Nature- Bold

Any Suggestions? Pokemon I should add, remove? Any moves or sets that seem better?
Note: I may replace Klefki with a Prankster Sableye to get a spinblocker.