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    Default RAAAAAAAAGE!

    Forget what I said about heatran and whimsicott in "head honchkrow" my flying monotype team feels the need to show off again

    The age of the moxiemance has come and gone but it may be time for the OP dragon to make a comeback. I don't normally play singles but I make exceptions for my monotype teams, a good number of threats in wifiOU including dragonite, garchomp and latios are weak to dragon.

    Salamence, with maxed speed evs and a choice scarf, can have more-than-decent speed. With moxie he can have insane attack, add in outrage and you can get yourself a pretty epic sweep.

    because of his low defences I like to boost his speed by baton passing with Ninjask, either way he's pretty decent.

    I admit, it's not the most reliable sweep with all those ice beams out there nd he should probably stay in his pokeball against any rain teams but his ability to dominate the battlefield should not be overlooked.

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    Default Re: RAAAAAAAAGE!

    And... why does this warrant a thread of its own again? This is really better for the Rate my One Pokemon thread, if anything.
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