Proper EV Training for an Annoyer Umbreon?
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Thread: Proper EV Training for an Annoyer Umbreon?

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    Question Proper EV Training for an Annoyer Umbreon?

    I am 100% new to competitive battling and training and hardly know anything about EVs. However, I compiled a small guide for myself for EV training and Annoyer Umbreon ("Umbreon's terrible for competitive! Blah blah blah!") This is mainly just so I can try it out and learn, and is mainly for entertainment. Is anyone willing to give a look at the guide and critique it, or mind looking over my EV training guide?

    Here is the EV training guide:

    "Use Calcium (Sp. Attack EVs) and Carbos (Speed EVs) to help EV train Umbreon; do note, however, that only up to 100 EVs can be gained from this method. Use Carbos (Speed EVs) most often to help with the speed; use 55 Carbos and 45 Calcium for Umbreon to maximize its speed and Sp. Attack, perfect for an Annoyer. -Remember, though, that you can only gain a maximum of 252 EVs, thus battle 63 Pokemon per stat. -Go to Route 35 in HG and use Surf; the only Pokemon you will encounter are Psyduck and Golduck, both of which give Sp. Attack EVs. -Go to Route 30 or Ilex Forest and battle ONLY Pidgey and Weedle for the Speed EVs. -From this, be sure to gain 63 battles of Golduck and/or Psyduck, and 63 battles of Pidgey and/or Weedle for Speed EVs.

    To gain EVs faster use the Power Lens (Sp. Attack) and Power Anklet (Speed EVs) (Gained in the Battle Frontier)
    -Also remember that you must reach Level 100 for the full efects of EVs.
    -Also remember 4 Pokemon (must KO each one) = 1 EV (without item enhancers like Power Lens or Power Anklet)"

    I think the EV training plan is flawed, specifically where it states the "63 Pokemon per stat" (sounds confusing when you need for per 1 EV, so wouldn't it be more around 252 battles?).
    Thanks for any and all help given, I am just trying to better my skills so I can do competitive battling in the future and this is simply a test run.

    Today I managed to obtain a male Eevee with a Rash nature who is Mischievious. I haven't saved yet, so I could be sure that whomever knows EV training might have better input before I finalize this.

    I apologize if this is the incorrect place in the forum to ask such questions. If this is incorrect, could i be directed to the proper place for this?

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    Default Re: Proper EV Training for an Annoyer Umbreon?

    Yes, that plan is flawed. You can only use 10 at most vitamins per stat. So after 10 calcium, 10 carbos, Umbreon is at 100 Spe and 100SAtk EVs. To finish maxing these stats, go get the Power Anklet and the Power Lens from the Battle Frontier. Ideally, you would also have Pokerus. Those two items each give 4 EVs no matter what you battle, and the pokerus doubles EV gain. So, if you fought something that gave 1 SAtk EV normally, and had the Power Lens and Pokerus, you would get 10 SAtk EVs. If you fought something that yielded 2 SAtk EVs, and had pokerus and Power Lens, you would gain 12 Satk EVs. Just do the math, and its really pretty easy. I use the PP of one move to count how many pokemon I've taken out, but thats just me. Hope I helped!

    EDIT: There are also better natures. Use modest for more power, timid for speed. You won't be needing your attack stat, so it's ok to drop it with your nature, which is why the two I just listed are better. Also, if I confused you, check the serebii page on EV training. That's how I learned.

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    Default Re: Proper EV Training for an Annoyer Umbreon?

    If you'd like then i could give you a Umbreon. Just tell me what moveset / nature / EVs you want. - Smogon on Lucario - Click here if you like SSB! - Click here if you like competitive Pokemon!

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    Default Re: Proper EV Training for an Annoyer Umbreon?

    i used to like umbreon, but then the choice band terrakion was introduced... :/
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    Default Re: Proper EV Training for an Annoyer Umbreon?

    Exactly as Wagenmaker80 said, EV training really is not difficult. Neither is getting/spreading the Pokerus if you have a fortunate friend plagued with it. Another good thing to remember is to find areas where the level of EV giving wild Pokemon have lower levels. The less you level while EV training, the better. You want him to be fully EV trained by the time he is, say, 15-20, 15 ideally, so that he has the rest of the levels with the bigger EV gains.
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