Project: Help me to build a competive team please?
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Thread: Project: Help me to build a competive team please?

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    Default Project: Help me to build a competive team please?

    Okay, so I had a promise with a friend of mine that once I get Wi-Fi working and we both build up competitive teams,
    he would be my first opponent/take my Comp.Poké virginity. And like you guys can guess; I wanna beat his *** when that time comes!
    ...Buuuuut I'm not that good team builder...At all...

    I do have pretty basic team (I think) thought up, but I need some help to complete/perfect it.
    Now, I do know for a fact that he likes fire, grass and normal types (I myself prefer water FYRI) and my team members have been chosen by thinking those things.
    We both like fast and hard hitting Pokés too, but I've noticed (on other RPG games) that I only play for offence, but in order for me to survive I rely heavily on defence.
    Umm...TRANSLATION: I just rush in there, hoping my HP and DEF stats allow me to survive.
    That's why I chose some Pokés on this team that are more defencive based but also have good offensive capabilities.
    Like that Aggron for example.
    Oh, and just for your information, this team was build around Politoed, one of my favorite Pokémons.

    Now you know the basic story behind this team,
    so let's get on the work now, shall we?

    Just one more thing before we do. You know..I've never been that great with EV training.
    Don't ask. No matter how much I try, I always end up counting wrong.
    I used AR and cheat that shows you the EV's Poké had gained and I had counted them myself wrong.
    For that reason, sorry but I'm not going to give the exact EV numbers. You can give them for me, but I'm just gonna tell what EV's I'm gonna focus on.
    For example, if I'd have Smogons standard Taunt+Roost Aerodactyl (80 HP/ 252 ATK / 176 Spe)on this team, I'd write the following on the EV training part:
    "Aerodactyl, EV training: Some on HP Heavily on ATK and lot of Spe" -or something like that.
    Hopefully this is understandable.

    So now we are ready to begin.

    The team I had in mind

    As you can see most of my team members have been chosen to counter fire types (Chandelure, Politoed, Aggron) grass types (Galvantula, Chandelure) and normal types (Mienshao, Chandelure, Aggron)
    Just to tell you; I had a long hard time choosing the sixth member of the team, eventually I went with Galvantula, because most ideas I had would make my team half weak to water.
    Now I confess that I did kinda want that on purpose to lure water attacks so I can use WAbsorb Polly in the field longer, but...On the other hand I don't know if I'd be good at predicting...
    That's the reason I went with safer choice.

    Rules and limitations of updating the team

    - Even though we are working on team to beat my friend, we are also working on OU team that I'll be using on other possible battles I'll have
    - I'm ready to replace team members to other Pokémons if it comes to that
    - However; Haxorus and Mienshao are there to stay since I want to try those two but I'm willing to change Mienshao to S.Skin/Rest Scrafty if team changes so that it becomes superior choise
    - Other four members are replaceable if needed
    - I'd appreciate if we keep the breeding moves in minium, since I suck at breeding
    - No moves got only from previous generations or event Pokés with special moves!
    - However; If Pokémon learns it by tutor in S.Silver, then I can migrate it over and it becomes acceptable
    - NO DREAM WORLD ABILITIES!! I got no access for those!
    - I'll add more rules/limitations as they rise up

    Updates so far
    - none so far

    My current homework
    - Trying to hatch nice Aron in SS

    Pokémon: Mienshao / Shayla
    Ability: Regenerator
    Item: Life Orb
    Purpose: Scout / Lead / Hit and Running attacker
    Nature: Naughty
    EV training: Heavily on ATK and Spe, rest to HP
    - Hi Jump Kick
    - Stone Edge
    - Fake Out
    - U-Turn / Protect

    Comments: I had considered Ambipom for this purpose since it has Technician and stab to go with Fake Out, but I eventually decided to go with Shayla because of higher ATK and the way to use Life Orb more effectively. The idea here is more simple than DBZ characters lust for more power. Go in, Fake Out the enemy and get the **** out of there. And then repeat. Hi Jump Kick is there to deal damage...Duh.. TBH I had hard time choosing between Hi Jump and Jump kick. The other is more safer, but comes with the cost of 45 points weaker base power (STAB included) and as a power hungry *** I am that won the deal. S.E is there to hit flying types or a surprise for Ghost types who try to switch in for Fake Out after I've shown it once. Overall I'm OK how this gal turned out. She's here to just kick some *** to help the team members and scout their moves with F.O. I added the Protect on consideration over U-Turn for few reasons there. 1. With protect it can scout the enemy more effectively, 2. NEVER underestimate protects way of helping in the most random situations! It can save your *** from explosion or stall the poison / burn enemy what is always great. 3. It's gonna switch out to something anyway that'd take damage for it so why not take the shot this way? This thing (I believe) seems to come with U-Turn often, so people might com to think it wouldn't have that Stone Edge there which would rises its element of success and surprise. But I'm open for your thoughts here. Anyway, this Pokémon serves its purpose I think.

    Pokémon: Galvantula / Gally
    Ability: Compoundeyes
    Item: I'm open for suggestions, but I had Wise Glasses in mind.
    Purpose: Special attacker and water counter
    Nature: Modest or Timid
    EV training: Heavily on S.ATK and Spe
    - Thunder
    - Bug Buzz / HP Something
    - Energy Ball / Hidden Power
    - Volt Switch / U-Turn

    Hidden Power / Nature results:
    Modest: Flying or Poison availabel
    Timid: Ice available

    Comments: Before I write anything else; Galvantula got this place when I noticed I had nothing to counter water types. Granted, Gally won't survive many attacks, but the STAB allmost 100% Thunder is gonna scare some water types to think twice before trying their luck with this, right? Granted, I know the more bulkier S.DEF oriented pokés like Milotic and Vaporeon are gonna be a HUGE pain in my ***, but...Yeah... Bug Buzz is there for another stab move and dark/psychic counter, and Energy Ball for rock- and ground types. I added the hidden power there as an alternative choice, but since I haven't caught the Joltik I'm gonna train for this team, I have no idea what HP it's gonna have. I'm working on it this night though and will propably add it later tomorrow. Thanks for patience. Now I keep hard time choosing between U-Turn and Vlt Switch. They both give stab, sure, but the other has less power since it's physical, but the other is not as reliable when the ground types decide to barge in. That's why I'm gonna let you guys choose between them. Or think some other choices. Thanks. <3

    Pokémon: Chandelure / Chandler
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Item: Wise Glasses or Life Orb...? Something else?!
    Purpose: Special Attacker
    Nature: Modest, Timid, Rash, Bold or Calm
    EV training: Heavily on S.ATK and Spe and rest for HP I think
    - Fire Blast / Overheat / Heat Wave
    - Shadow Ball
    - Psychic / Hidden Power
    - Energy Ball / Hidden Power

    Hidden Power / Nature results:
    Modest: Electric available
    Timid: Fighting and Water available
    Rash: Psychic available
    Bold: Grass available
    Calm: Steel available

    Comments: As you can see I have hard time choosing what to use as it's first stab move. Others have more accuracy (which I value) but others have more power (which I also value) I'd instantly go for Overheat if it wouldn't drop the S.ATK stat and I was considering to let it have Heat Wave, but I just hate breeding...Especially if it needs to have certain nature as well, but I guess this thing would pay itself well worth it in the end. I dunno you guys help to decide. Same thing as Galvantulas Hidden Power. I still need to catch a lampent with proper nature and see what HP it carries. I'm letting you guys choose should it learn both Psychic and Energy Ball or replace the other with HP. I'd personally prefer it to learn good HP > Energy Ball, since Galvantula already has it, but then I had a thought...It all comes to that should Galvantula learn it at all doesn't it? After some thinking I'd rather give E.Ball to Chandy because of the higher S.ATK stat and let Galvy learn [hopefully] great HP. Then again; I do hestitate doing so, because E.Ball leaves it more open to ground and rock types. I guess it could just U-Turn out, but...Well, as you can see these twos move sets determinate each others. I understand it's hard to make the decision since the Hidden Powers are yet unknown, but like I said; I'm doing my wery best this evening to find the pokes of right nature and ability and I'll inform the hiden powers tomorrow as early as I can. Any other help with this guys move set and items would be helpful too. To be honest, the only thing I hate about this guy is how easy it's to predict the moveset it carries. I mean let's face it...Even Dark Pulse would make it's move sets more interesting... Hopefully "poor" Chandelure get's something nice in B2/W2 from tutors or something so it can become even mightier beast!

    Pokémon: Politoed / Polly
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Item: Leftovers
    Purpose: Defensive based tank
    Nature: I'm trying to hunt for -ATK one
    EV training: 1/3 (168 EV) to DEF, S.DEF and HP
    - Scald / Surf
    - Ice Beam
    - Psychic / Focus Blast / Something else
    - Hidden Power Something / Hydro Pump / Something Else

    Hidden Power / Nature results:
    Naive: Rock and Ghost available
    Bold: Psychic and Poison available
    Timid: Ice available
    Modest: Flying and Bug available
    Lax: Dragon availale
    Quiet: Fire available

    Comments: ...Seems like I have LOT HP things to do this night...Okay now...I chose Scald over surf because...Well, I'll be honest here; I LOVE IT! Before gen V Surf was my favorite move, but now Scald is more nicer choice for me. However, I do think of using Surf instead. I mean...The burn is nice, but I can't be sure if the opponent has a Pokémon with Guts or something...I mean...Just looking at this team tells me that if I meet Guts activated Conkeldurr it's insta pawnage on me...Only hope I'd have then is to have my Chandelure alive and even that gets KO'd by Payback...Not cool... I added Hydro Pump there as a surprise / back up. So, I'm all open with the move set here too, please give some suggestions. I was thinking Hypnosis, or something, and one idea I had was to use Politoed that's EV trained in same way, HP/DEF/S.DEF, but is instead Adamant Belly Drummer. Granted; Politoeds tend to be special attackers for good reason, but that could work? I mean...Would that many people expect adamant Politoed? Also; it could always switch in for water attack to regain t's lost health and hopefully make another Belly Drum at some point. The moveset I had in mind or that little ****** was something like: Waterfall, Earthquake, Brick Break, Body Slam/Substitute -or something like that. I know this is extremely risky, but Politoed might, MIGHT, pull it out if I build it defensively it could survive Belly Drum and incoming attack right? Besides, ATK stat of 668 - 1092 is not something to take lightly. Now I know there are some drawbacks...Poltoeds speed isn't exactly in terms with this strategy that's sure...But hey; just an idea. Anyway like I said; I could use some help. I need it. ...Polly needs it...! D:

    Pokémon: Aggron / Boris
    Ability: My goal is to get Rock Head
    Item: Life Orb or something
    Purpose: Physically Defensive Tank
    Nature: I'll add this once good Aron hatches or I capture good one
    EV training: Heavily on DEF and rest to ATK and HP
    - Iron Head
    - Head Smash / Stone Edge
    - Double Edge / Roar / Something
    - Automatize / Stealth Rock

    Comments: ...Don't say a word about that nickname...It was ment to be a hairy joke! :D
    Anyway...I gave him the life orb to maximize the damage from recoil moves, but sine I'll propably be switching to this guy often I was thinking of leftovers or something else. He needs his HP's. I chose Iron head > Heavy Slam since this is going to be OU team. As a rock move I added the Stone Edge there just in case if people find it more worthy than the Head Smash, but since I'm aiming for Rock Head one I'd propably try to hatch one with H.S. IF I'd however decided to go with Stone Edge, then I'd probably use Aggron with Sturdy, since it is a free focus sash and could let it make that faithful exchange against special attack with Double Edge and try to take the enemy with it. Like I said; I'm aiming to hatch one, but I'm also working on my SS also trying to hatch one since in that I could easier teach it Stealth Rock and Roar or something fancy and I could also tutor some attacks for it... Anyone else think it's worth to try? Or should I go with the set above? There is one last option here too that I have in mind. I already have an Aggron on my White and it has the Rock Head. However, it does not know Head Smash so I'd be forced to teach it Stone Edge, but I could teach it that Double Edge and if anyone thinks it's worth it; that Automatize to help it roll on faster. Or how about using Metal Burst with sturdy ability? Eh, as you can see plain clear I've never used Aggron and don't really know how to operate it well...Heeeeeeeelp! D:

    Pokémon: Haxorus / Xrush
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    Item: No idea...Is Life Orb even legal for many pokés at once?! HELP! D:
    Purpose: Da Destroyer
    Nature: Lonely
    EV training: Heavily on ATK and Speed
    - Dragon Claw / Dual Chop
    - Earthquake
    - Night Slash
    - X Scissor / Stone Edge / Dragon Tail

    Comments: I finally managed to get myself this guy with Night Slash and +AtK nature (sadly as a naughty though) so don't even ask me to teach a move over that! To be honest I'm lost whit this guy. He has Mold Breaker so EQ is an obvious move here. And just so you know; I didn't go for Rivalry because even though it is kinda cool it's just far too risky IMO. Anyway, I'm not a fan of Outrage because it's confusion status, but I do put it in lots of consideration here even though I didn't list it. Outrage from this guy is just so devastating even with it's confusion drawback, that I'm pretty sure I will go with it. Anyway, moving on. The last move...hhhhh... I honesly have no idea what to use. Dragon Tail is there in case I'll go with S.R Aggron, but I'm not sure. X Scissor is there for counter other pokes, but since it already has Night Slash I'm not sure about using that... Granted, it grants counter for Dark and Grass, but...Meh... And I also consider Stone Edge, but it seems like I'm overdoing it with that move when 'bout half of my team knows it. I could of course just use moves like Swords Dance or Dragon Dance (which btw it currently knows anyway) but I'm not sure will I get enough time to set up this guys since it doesn't have that great defenses. Someone with more experience; do tell please. I also added Dual Chop there for consideration since I've heard that it's an OK move to say at least. Capable of working around Substitute and stuff I mean. But I'd rather go with Dragon Claw or Outrage to be honest, but I'm still fearing those substitutes. MY GO! Am I really THIS bad at this?!

    Some Pokémons I had considered as replacements
    Just inform you for no reason, I guess...

    Steelix: I had hard time between Aggron and Steelix, but I decided to go with Aggron for now for the sake of ATK and Speed. However, replacing Aggron with Steelix or something else isn't impossible choice to make. I just wanted to try it out, but if you guys see Steelix or something else more worthy than armored steel lizard; share your thoughts
    Krookodile: I thought of adding this guy but then saw I'd have hard time with water types. THE water types! My favorite typing for gods sake...That's why this spot ended up for Galvantula
    Mamoswine: Same reasons as Krookodile. Place went for Galvantula to counter water types, but having woolly on the team wouldn't hurt at all. STAB EQ and priority Ice Shard are the reasons I'd pick this up, but like I said; Galvy was just too awesome for now
    Houndoom: Chandelier replaced it at least for now since this guy needs the Nasty Plot most of the time, while Chandelure can just start wrecking **** up right away...Granted; stat boost on it wouldn't hurt either
    Scrafty: During my last Black play through I fell in love with Shed Skin + Rest Scrafty and this guy was on the list until I decided; "I already have Mienshao" and then gave this spot to Chandelure
    Ludicolo: Never underestimate this one! I love it, but sadly my friend does too and I'm 50% expecting him to pick it on his team. I'm far from dead positive though, but I didn't want to risk it and even though I love it I didn't want to have Ludi VS Ludi stall
    Darmanitan: I love Darmy but I went with Chandelure because it had Flash Fire and my team was beginning to be too physical oriented which is something I learned from my first Black play through...
    Claydol: I had thought that I might need spinner just in case, but and I've used it on many plays so far, but it's offensive capabillites just don't hit me that much...
    Hydreigon: I prefer Haxorus more so that's why I ended up going with it, but this guy could make a comeback and replace Chandelure if all else fails?

    By all means; if you want to know have I considered *insert the Pokémon here* ask. I'll answer and that's a promise <3

    Thanks for all the help I'm (hopefully) getting.
    See ya tomorrow.
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    Default Re: Project: Help me to build a competive team please?

    Hhhhhh....No one?
    Anyway after long night of poke hunting and HP testing I've added the hidden power results.
    And my white really hates me. I got TONS of HP electric/bug for Joltik, fire for litwick and oh goodie; water/flying for polowag...
    Anyway I managed to get some...nice ones...too and added them on the first post now.

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    Default Re: Project: Help me to build a competive team please?

    U turn over Mienshao is much more effective than protect.
    I would recommend dragon dance on haxorus in the last slot.
    Go with the timid Galavantula. Speed is very important for it.
    Chandelure looks good.(Its the same as my chandy)
    Aggron is great too.
    Do try Perish song on Politoed. It can be very useful from time to time. Or You can also try something like rest/ sleep talk/ scald/haze or ice beam.

    And well if you do get wifi, you can try to trade in the dw mons you need. Anyway hope it helps. good luck and tell me if you want more suggestions or something.
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    @Pikmin1211; Pokemon Online has options for all but rotation battles. None of those you listed are competitive metagames though except Cresselia championships... I mean VGC.


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