Preferable Items for Pseudo-legend team?
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Thread: Preferable Items for Pseudo-legend team?

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    Default Preferable Items for Pseudo-legend team?

    Hey guys, I created a Pseudo-legend team on my White, but I can't seem to figure out what are the best items for them... Can you evaluate their ability and moves and tell me the items to hold? And no 2 Pokemon should have the same item because I am using them for the Random Matchup WiFi Battle Matches. Here are the Pokemon:

    Dragonite | Relaxed | Blizzard/Draco Meteor/Hurricane/Thunder
    Tyranitar | Relaxed | Stone Edge/Blizzard/Fire Blast/Thunder
    Salamence | Careful | Hydro Pump/Fire Blast/Draco Meteor/Fly
    Metagross | Careful | Hammer Arm/Meteor Mash/Psychic/Shadow Ball
    Garchomp | Sassy | Draco Meteor/Earthquake/Dragon Rush/Dragon Claw
    Hydreigon | Lax | Draco Meteor/Outrage/Dragon Rush/Dragon Pulse

    You could also offer a better suggestion of moves to me and explain why it would be better. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Preferable Items for Pseudo-legend team?

    It's hard to assign items when they have strange natures and random high power moves everywhere. The moves make it seem like they would all be offensive, so you'd probably want to use some combination of Choice Band, Scarf, Specs, Life Orb, Expert Belt, etc. However, you wouldn't have a very good ScarfChomp if he is Sassy >.<

    The only nature that actually fits a little is Metagross being Careful. You could run a supporting set. I suppose you could also try to Pursuit trap things, or set up Stealth Rock. Pursuit would be kind of weak w/ a Careful nature. However, since this is 3v3 and not 6v6 you are probably better off running something like Choice Band Metagross with Adamant nature. Regardless, get rid of Shadow Ball and Psychic, and use something like Zen Headbutt and Bullet Punch.

    Anywhere you have Dragon Rush, Thunder or Blizzard...find something else. Only use Thunder in the Rain, and Blizzard in Hail. It's almost never a good idea to use Dragon Rush. Most of those Pokemon learn Thunderbolt or Ice Beam, so if that's what you want, I'd just switch out for those. Hydreigon has a great movepool, it only needs 1 Dragon attack. Garchomp could use Swords Dance > Dragon Rush...although you will not have a very effective sweeper since your Garchomp is -Spe.

    Your Salamence is -SpA nature and has almost all special moves. That doesn't make sense. Also, don't use Fly. You don't need a Flying STAB on Salamence anyway, but at least if you used Aerial Ace your opponent couldn't switch to whatever will resist it.

    There just doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason behind any of these Pokemon choices, natures, or moves...
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    Default Re: Preferable Items for Pseudo-legend team?

    I think you'll need more than proper items to make this team work. As Troggy suggested, the natures of your Pokemon are inappropriate and your movesets are somewhat strange. I don't like telling people to completely remake their teams, but I think doing so is necessary in this case. In general, your sweepers should have either +Atk, +SpA, or +Spe natures. A mixed sweeper can have a -SpD or -Def nature to get the most out of both of its attack stats. Your Pokemon's movesets should be appropriate for your Pokemon's respective natures and they should not contain attacks with extremely low accuracy unless you're intending to create a weather condition that boosts the accuracy of such moves.

    When you do begin to select items, you'll have a lot of choices to consider. Life Orb, Choice items, type-resist berries, and the gems can all potentially work well depending on what strategy you're trying to use.

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    Default Re: Preferable Items for Pseudo-legend team?

    Adapt to these rules and format here and I'll reopen this thread.

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