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    Default Pokemon Online's Battle Factory

    Recently added on Pokemon Online, there is a special tier called Battle Factory. Much like Challenge Cup, you don't need to have a team ready. However, there are special rules in Battle Factory, so listen up:

    • The battles are 3 vs. 3. Although you have a full selection of six Pokemon, the first three Pokemon on Team Preview will be your team. Like the ordinary Team Preview, the left-most Pokemon is the lead.
    • Movesets for Pokemon are competitive, so you may have items that work well with the moves, like Dragonite w/ Dragon Dance, Roost, Fire Punch and Outrage (Item: Leftovers).
    • As I had seen when battling someone on request, Doubles are 6 vs. 6, using movesets for Singles.
    • Sleep Clause and Self-KO Clause are intact.

    I tried it, but lost more often than I won, simply because I was unfamiliar with how it worked. At one time, I received Ninetales and Venusaur, but since Venusaur was out of range, I lost to Scarf Terrakion because the front three members are weak to Rock (Dragonite, Ninetales and Weavile). However, for one battle, I had a Rock Polish Genesect, which made for a sweep after Thundurus-I lost enough HP (it was a Life Orb variant with Wild Charge).

    Since this is a recently-added tier, it might not be perfectly implemented. However, if you got the time, do check it out and see if it's a nice change of pace from Challenge Cup's possible unlucky movesets.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Default Re: Pokemon Online's Battle Factory

    I've played a few games in this tier and must say that I really enjoy it, Unlike the other fun tiers there is at least a small amount of skill required. Sadly, I don't see this tier standing out and lasting all that long though.

    Edit: really getting into this. Now 5th on the ladder lol.
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    Default Re: Pokemon Online's Battle Factory

    I just started it. Really enjoying this. Better then challenge cup which I can't stand due to the uncompetive movesets.


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