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    Here in Pokemon battle zone you can post your own requests for battle aganist any member of Bulbagarden.
    Here are the rules:
    *In order to accept a battle request you must reply with a quote of it.
    *When you post a request, you must explain what the rules of the battle are going to be in your choice as well as the date of the battle.
    *If anybody is reported on abusing a glitch on purpose then that person is permantly banned until further noticed.
    *4th generation battle requests can also be used here besides the 5th generation. (i still perefer using the modern mechanics, but what the heck.)
    *NO FALSE REQUESTS!!!(You'll get banned.)
    *I, the host, will also be battling here.
    *Try your absolute best!!

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    Default Re: Pokemon Battle Zone

    I'm going to close this thread on account of its redundancy and confusion if this is leaning towards a tourney, which would need to be approved, or a personal search for battles. If you edit this post and solve the issues, I may open it again.

    Much love to Zurr


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