Please help me build my teams!!
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Thread: Please help me build my teams!!

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    Default Please help me build my teams!!

    Hi everyone!
    So I guess this is a somewhat different thread than the usual ones you see in here.
    I have already beaten the Elite Four and completed the game, well most of it, and now I'm working on creating my Competitive teams. I'm a "perfection" maniac, so I have been thinking about this for a long time, what Pokemon to use and what not. I have already chosen the Pokemon I want to use, but I need your help on deciding which Pokemon to put in a certain team with which other Pokemon.
    Here's my list:

    There is a total of 30 Pokemon, so that means 5 teams,which will be changed depending on the person I'll play with. I don't want to create type-only teams (such as only fire types, etc.), but I want to spread the Pokemon wisely instead.
    I know this is a hard work, but I am patient, you don't have to write all the EV spreads and nature of each Pokemon, just spread them on different teams based on what you think.
    I would appreciate any reply :)!

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    You said this was to be a competitive team, so which tier?

    If I'm right in assuming OU, there are a couple PKMN on there that aren't OU viable. Not without a quite a bit of support anyways. (Vanilluxe, Glaceon, Leafeon, Braviary)

    My suggestion is that you choose one PKMN on that list and start forming a team with that PKMN in mind. Not necessarily theming the team around it, but using that PKMN as a starting point in terms of strengths, weakness, and support needed/given. I'd also suggest that you only make one team as of right now unless you intend to gen or Rare Candy hack. Competitive teams without auto-level equal about a month of work, in my experience.

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    Default Re: Please help me build my teams!!

    Uhmm, does it have to be specified to a specific tier? I'm using it to play with friends and these are just Pokemon that I find strong.
    How should I choose the Pokemon to begin with? Do I pick one randomly, or pick the one that has the best stats??

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    Default Re: Please help me build my teams!!

    It doesn't have to be a specific tier if you don't want it to be, I just assumed that you'd also use the team in wifi battles. If it's just battles among friends, it may not matter depending on if you're friends play competitively or not.

    And I'd just pick a PKMN that you like to begin with. Preferably with decent stats, but if you like it and it's not absolute crap, you should be able to build a successful team.

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    Yeah, I mean, the main purpose is for battles among friends, but the ones I'm playing with are VERY powerful, have been training their Pokemon in EVs, IV bred them, etc. I might play over Wi-Fi as well in a near future...
    It's just that being a somewhat beginner in competitive gameplay, I didn't know which Pokemon should be used with which, as we will be playing double battles and some Pokemon are better when used with other (for example having a Pokemon that triggers a Snowstorm, with a Tyranitar, which gets a HP boots from Snow Storm, etc.).

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    Ah doubles...

    Then I take back back my suggestion for starting with a particular PKMN. Doubles, for me anyways, is always easier if you start with an overall theme such as a weather type, Trick Room, Tailwind, antiweather, etc. (those are among the easiest to start with, esp. Sun, Rain, and Sand)

    If you are battling on 100's, I suggest you not start with Tailwind or Trick Room teams. Of course, if you're like me, merging a couple strategies is always fun. ;)

    If you'd like to go the weather route, it's akways best to have the perma weather summoner, a weather abuser (or two), an extra weather summoner (in case you've got an opponent that also plays weather), and a counter to other weathers and common doubles PKMN.

    Tailwind usually just entails using something like Zapdos, having one PKMN Protect or Sub up, and then sweep as much as possible in four turns.

    And Trick Room involves a ton of dedication. Antiweather, depending if you want to run two weathers or just use PKMN that wall the different weathers, differs in difficulty.

    That being said, I've finally done a bit of what you originally asked and seperated some into team groups.



    Tentatively Gengar to counter Fighting, but Jelli would work too.

    Mienshoa could work on most teams; it's fast, good attacking stats, access to Fake Out, and Regenerator make it a good PKMN. Even with Regenerator, though, be careful with pairing it with a Life Orb and putting on a Sand/Hail team. Actually let that refer to any PKMN that holds LO and is not immune to your weather condition of choice. They'll take a lot of damage from LO and weather alone and won't last long with opponent's attacks.

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    Well if playing VGC style then the following Pokemon from your list have viable sets (I'm excluding ones that only work as niche):


    Quite a few of these will probably be outclassed in their roles though. It is better to test and build online then just go out and catch the stuff you need.
    PM me and I'll rate your team.

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    Default Re: Please help me build my teams!!

    Actually we will be playing with level 50 Pokemon. Still, that doesn't mean that I can't train them to a farther level. And yes, I have friends who will set up weather situations, and I plan on doing so myself. I was thinking on something like:




    (help me complete this)




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