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    Default Platinum team to beat game

    Actually facepalm warning, read it at your own risk :D

    Im now beating Pokemon Platinum, didnt loose a fight before Elite Four, but then the fist Bug Type guy screwed me twice, so Im in trouble :)
    Can you suggest who I shoud change in my team, which moves I should change or If Im underlevelled where best to train pkmn that needs to level up.

    Items: Plenty of Hyper Potions, Few Max ones and Full Restores, Plenty Revives and Fex Max Revives

    Main PKMN:
    Scyther lvl51 (Adamant) (False Swipe, Wing Attack, X-Scissor, Night Slash)
    Giratina lvl50 (Bold) (Ominous Wind, Ancient Power, Dragon Claw, Shadow Force)
    Infernape lvl47 (Hasty) (Close Combat, Flame Wheel, Cut, Rock Climb) //I know HM are bad
    Machamp lvl45 (Lax) (Cross Chop, Seismic Toss, Revenge, Scary Face)
    Alakazam lvl50 (Serious) (Shadow Ball, Psyhic, Calm Mind, Recover)

    Although Got those low lvled guys
    Luxray lvl41 (Quirky) (Bite, Thunder Fang, Charge, Spark)
    Electabuzz lvl39 (Docile) (Shock Wave, Light Screen, Thunder Punch, Discharge)
    Porygon lvl 25 (Relaxed) (Psybeam, Agility, Recover, Magnet Rise) //If necessary got both evolve items
    Yanmega lvl34 (Adamant) (Ancient Power, Supersonic, Uproar, Pursuit)
    Blissey lvl 36 (Brave) (Sing, Softboiled, Light Screen, Defence Curl)

    And If it matters HM Slaves:
    Gyarados lvl29 (Timid) (Twister, Tackle, Surf, Waterfall)
    Tropius lvl32 (Jolly) (Razor Leaf, Strength, Rock Smash, Fly)

    Please dont injure yourself with facepalms.

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    Default Re: Platinum team to beat game

    You might want to try the In-Game Teams thread for posts like this from now on. No, I take that back; you definitely want to do that.
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