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    Hello Everyone, I currently play black version and enjoy participating in the Super Singles and Doubles Trains along with Playing Online on Random Matchup or Just Battleing Friends.

    I am trying to construct a better team that will Get Me Farther in the Doubles Train and Singles Train. My Doulbes team record is 23 and my singles well its not that good yet lol. Online I usually fair better but that is Mainly because I can predict what they will use and what move they will try so it really helps. I can not do that in the Train that often seeing as how there move sets are random and there pokemon are set up to Beat you so far in.

    I am wondering that if I list the current Pokemon I have If someone Can offer me some advice in My Single and Doubles team.Arcanine with Justified Attack and Speed.
    Flare blitz cruch close combat and extreme speed with fire gem

    Roserade with Natural Cure, Spc Attack and Speed.
    Shadow Ball, Weather Ball, Sludbe Bomb and Solar beam

    Honchcrow with Super Luck HP and Attack
    Dark Gem, Sucker Punch Roost Night Slash and Drill peck.

    Camerupt with Solid Rock, Spc Attack and Spc Defense.
    Amnesia Flash Cannon Eruption and Earth Power with Shell Bell

    Glaceon with Ice Body, Defense and Spc Attack
    Wish , Barrier, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam and Leftovers

    Spiritomb with Pressure, Spc Attack and Speed
    Nasty Plot, Hypnonsis, Dark Pulse and Dream Eater, with Wide Lens]

    Machamp with steadfast, Attack and Hp
    Cross Chop, Wake Up Slap, Bullet Punch with Foreseight and Life Orb

    Nidoqueen with Sheerforce Attack and Speed
    Life orb, Super Power, Earthquake, Body Slam and Sucker Punch

    Crobat with Infiltrator speed and Attack
    Life orb, with X Scizor, Brave Bird, u Turn, Cross Poison

    Darmanitan with Sheerforce Attacka nd speed
    Choice Band, Flare Blitz, U Turn, Brick Break and Earthquake

    Scizor with Technician Attack and Defense
    Bullet Punch, Night Slash, Brick Brea, and X scissor with choice band

    Magnezone with magnet Pull Spc Attack and Defense
    Barrier, Tri Attack Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon and Shuca Berry

    Aggron with Rock Head, Attacka and Defense
    Leftovers, Head Smash, heavy slam, Earthquake and aerial ace

    liligant with Chlorophyll Spc Attack and speed
    Item is undecided, Petal Dance, Ingrain, Quiver Dance and Leech Seed.
    Amoongus with Effect Spore, Spc Attack and Hp
    Spore, Giga Drain, Rage Powder and Growth with Big Root

    Shiftry with Early Brid Attack and Hp
    Lum berry, Rock Slide, sword Dance and X Scizor with Brick Break.

    I have 2 Different Duskniors the First being one trained in Attack and then Defense while the other is Defense and Spc Defense
    the Attack and defense moves are Ice PUnch, Brick Break, Shadowsneak and Disable with a Kasib Berry the other one is Shadow PUnch Confuse Ray, Will o wisp and trick with toxic orb.

    Breloom with Poison Heal Attack and Speed
    Toxic Orb, Facade, Sky Uppercut, Mach Punch and Seed Bomb

    Haxorus with Mold Breaker Attack and Speed
    Shell bell, Dragon Dance, Outrage, earthquake and Taunt

    Scrafty with Moxie Defense and Spc Defense
    Fake out, Bulk up, Drain Punch, Crunch, not for sure on item.

    Salamance with Moxie Attack and Speed
    Outrage, protect, Earthquake and Zenheadbut Not for sure on item.

    Mow Rotom Spc Attack and Speed
    Shadow ball, Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Leafstorm, Choice scarf

    Chandelure with Flash Fire Spc Attacka and Speed
    Absorb Bulb, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, energy ball, and Flamethrower

    Accelgor with Sticky Hold Speed and Spc Attack
    Choice specs, Giga drain, Sludge Bomb, bug buzz and Focus blast

    Sawsbuck with Sap Sipper Attack and Speed
    Item not fur sure, Jump Kick Horn leach, Megahorn and still need a good fourth move.

    Absol with Super Luck Attack and HP
    Razor Claw, Psycho cut, nightslash, megahorn and sucker punch

    Ferrothorn Attack and Defense
    Leftovers, ingrain, curse, toxic and power whip.

    Ambipom with Technician Attack and SPeed
    Kings rock, fling, Fakeout, T Wave and Acrobatics

    Floatzel with water Veil Speed And Attack
    Flame orb, Aqua tail, aqua jet, Ice fang, Switcheroo

    Porygon-Z Spc Attack and Speed Download
    Choice Scarf, Discharge, icebeam signal beam and tri attack

    Krookodile with Intimidate Attack and Speed
    Outrage, Earthquake, Mean Look and crunch with Focus Sash

    Mamo Swine with Snow Cloak, Attack and Speed
    Ice Gem, Earhquake Stealth Rock, Icicile Crash and Ice Shard

    Dragonite with Multiscale Attack and Speed
    Leftovers with roost, outrage, Dragondance and Thunderpunch

    Gengar with Levitate Spc Attack and Speed
    sludge wave, shadow ball, focus blast, thunderbolt, choice specs

    Granbull with Intimidate Attack and Hp
    Sitrus Berry with brickbreak, crunch, outrage and closecombat

    Lickilicky with Cloud Nine, Attack Spc Defense
    power whip,sleeptalk,rockslide,swordsdance item is wide lense

    Also Crustle with Attack And Defense and Sturdy-not fur sure on Item
    X scizor Nigh slash rock wrecker and shell smash.
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