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Thread: Official Battle Center Rules—PLEASE READ

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    Default Official Battle Center Rules—PLEASE READ

    Welcome to the Bulbagarden Battle Center. In this thread you will find the rules and certain other things which are important for this section so please read this thread.

    What Is This Section?

    This section is for you, the member, to get help and get better at competitive battling. Here you may post Rate My Team(RMT) threads, battle stories, talk about the current metagame, tiers, and ask for battles via Wifi or online. Basically, if it's about competitive battling, it goes here.

    RMT Rules

    As far as posting RMTs, you can only have one RMT from the same tier every three weeks.
    For example a person can only post one OU team every two weeks. You can post a UU team, but not another OU one for two weeks.
    - For multi-tiers, users can only have two active RMTs at a time. An RMT becomes inactive after a week after the last post.

    Battle Requests and Tournaments
    There are two battle request threads; one for competitive battling, and one for more casual battles.
    Use these if you're looking for a singular battle.

    IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A TOURNAMENT... PM one of the moderators with a full outline of how your tournament functions, then we'll approve it depending on the specific proposal.

    IN-GAME TEAMS DO NOT GO HERE!!! They go in the Video Games section. An in-game team is a team which is only intended to be used in the game and not competitively to battle against other players. If your Pokémon are not specifically EV trained and you're using a Zekrom and an Emboar, chances are it's an in-game team. If you're not sure, PM one of the mods.

    Any questions about competitive battling go HERE. If you don't post there a mod will either move your thread to the appropriate thread, delete it, or close it. Do NOT make your own thread for one question.

    All BMGf rules still apply.

    Also, try to just be a good person and use common sense. Don't go around hijacking other people's threads, don't go around telling people "You suck at Pokémon, stop playing." Behavior such as this will be dealt with. It's not that complicated.

    If you do not abide by the rules in this section a mod may give you a warning or infraction.

    Rate My Team

    The majority of this forums threads are RMT threads. An RMT thread is basically where a member posts their COMPETITIVE(WiFi or Simulator) Pokemon team, gives detail on what it is, how it functions, and what it's strengths and weaknesses are, what items, natures, abilities, moves, EVs, and etc the Pokemon have.

    Choice Scarf Sweeper

    Item: Choice Scarf
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Justified
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 ATK / 252 SPE
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Stone Edge
    ~ X-Scissor
    ~ Close Combat

    I chose Terrakion because he works great with ________ and _________. He also resists Bug which helps __________. I use Jolly nature with max speed because it will outspeed _________, ___________, and ___________ which are threats to this team, and I don't have to worry about HP investment because it resists SR. It's usually walled by _________ so I don't know how to deal with that.
    Many different users like to post a RMT in their own format, but we encourage you to post in this format or something similar. Basically anything that is easy for another person to read and understand. The above format has all the info you basically need for an individual Pokémon breakdown. Please also include info on more than each individual Pokémon—have information detailing your overall strategy for the team, what it has problems with, etc.

    Please do not post a thread asking us to build you a team. Have at least 5 members of your team ready, and if you're unsure, some possible candidates for the sixth spot. Also, if you're using Pokémon Online, you can also spoiler a text version of your team by clicking Export to Text on the software. This way, other members can try your team out for themselves.

    When you make ANY changes to your team, edit the first post.

    If someone makes a suggestion, at least acknowledge it. You may disagree with the person, just do not be insulting or rude about it.

    If you're going to rate a team, you don't have to rate the entire thing. You may give advice about a certain Pokemon or something. Just do not barge into threads saying "Your team sucks". Give a explanation to your reason if you think the team needs improvement.

    You're free to leave compliments about a team. Example: Your team is awesome. I love it.

    If you're going to suggest a new Pokemon, please post it in the RMT format. It helps the OP understand it better, and everyone else in the thread.

    Other Stuff

    For competitive terminology please visit: Smogon or Bulbapedia.

    For movesets, EV spreads, and etc please visit Smogon.

    Pokemon Online battle simulator.

    Made by Blue Dragon!

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    Default Re: Official Battle Center Rules—PLEASE READ

    One question about the battling threads, if you were trying to find an IV battle partner, where would you post that?


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