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Thread: New to this, any help?

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    Default New to this, any help?

    Howdy! I have come here for some advice on wi-fi battling (and only wi-fi battling, no simulators).
    I want to start doing random match-ups, casual battles and such. I was wondering if I could get some assistance with building and training a team. My only current, active file that I have is on my White (though I also own a SoulSilver cartridge that is in working order).
    I do know a little about EVs and IVs, but I'm no expert. Since this would be in an official game, I can't just get a complete team with a couple of clicks. It'll actually take work and time to get Pokémon and assign them moves.
    Currently I only have an in-game team I used for the main story, not EV-trained nor IV-bred. I have access to all of the game and the GTS, so getting good Pokémon would be more a matter of grinding and tutoring than searching for hard-to-get 'mons.

    I've read a few tutorials so I know the bare-bones. Some more in-depth, personal info would be appreciated, however. Thanks in advance!

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    If you want in-depth, you should look no further than Smogon. Everything I learned about IV breeding and movesets and the intimate details of Pokemon battling, I learned at Smogon University.


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