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    Default My little Gen V RMT

    So, there is my VoltTurn (main) team. I made this a fair while ago, before B/W2, but little has changed onto B2/W2 for it, although I'm waiting for the Theridan buzz to die down and maybe see if Thundurus-T gets banned or not. If it doesn't, this team is likely getting him for Jolteon, if it does, then now all that's different is we got a new threat in Keldeo.

    Just a note: All of the changeable stuff is literally stuff I changed so often I didn't really have a singular option.

    Developing the team:

    Team Importable:

    "Hi Jump Kick" w/Life Orb
    4HP/252Atk/252Spd, Jolly Nature
    Fake Out
    Hi Jump Kick
    Stone Edge

    Mienshao is one of the many 'obvious picks' for a VoltTurn team - it has Regenerator and a Stealth Rock resistance, which allows it to come in time after time after time and do massive damage with it's bone-shattering Hi Jump Kick - not even Skarmory is safe from being 2HKO'd by Hi Jump Kick - even when physically defensive, it is 2HKO'd with rocks 99.61% of the time (and can be 2HKO'd without although it's unlikely at about 11% chance). The main problem is therefore Ghosts, who can hit Mienshao for 50% of it's HP and get a free switch if it dares use Hi Jump Kick with them around. Stone Edge is therefore given for coverage against ghosts.

    "Thunderbolt" w/Choice Scarf or Choice Specs
    4HP/252Atk/252Spd, Timid nature
    Volt Absorb
    Volt Switch

    Signal Beam
    Hidden Power [Ice]
    or Hidden Power [Grass]

    This is more or less a Standard Jolteon set. Thunderbolt for STAB, Volt Switch because VoltTurn, Signal Beam because it's all Jolteon has for coverage in it's puddle-deep movepool, but it does at least let it hit Grass type switch-ins.

    Your Hidden Power choice depends on whether you want to be able to surprise Gliscor, Landorus and Dragonite or Gastrodon/Swampert which can cause you problems, and the choice between Scarf or Specs depends on whether you want to surprise scarfers like Jirachi and be able to revenge kill Shell Smash Cloyster and Gorebyss or just want scary as hell power.

    "Hydro Pump" w/Leftovers
    4HP/252SpD/252SpA, Calm nature
    Volt Switch
    Hydro Pump
    Pain Split

    Don't be fooled by the fact that I've given Rotom-Wash full Special Attack investment, it's main job is to take hits on the special side with it's special bulk and being the only member of the team with a recovery move (discounting Mienshao's Regenerator ability) and burn anything that worries it on the physical side; it is an especially good way to deal with Scizor, since it has a double resistance to Bullet Punch and outspeeds all other moves unless Scizor is invested in speed.

    Moves are pretty standard for a defensive Rotom-Wash. Volt Switch is given preference due to the nature of the team, whilst Hydro Pump is STAB that doesn't cause Rotom to switch out. Will-O-Wisp is used to neuter the physical attackers that target it's physical defense, and Pain Split is for recovery.

    "DynamicPunch" w/Choice Band
    212HP/252Atk/44Spd, Adamant Nature
    Bullet Punch

    If I was listing these mons by sheer arse-breaking attack potential, CBScizor would definitely be at the top. The home of the most powerful swtiching move on the team, and it's tendency to force switches means that it gets plenty of chance to use it. It's basically the death of Latios, only taking about 50% from a Draco Meteor and OHKing with Pursuit.

    Bullet Punch sees surprisingly little use on this set, since being locked into it can kill your momentum deader than a dodo. Rather, U-Turn should be considered the main move on the set. Superpower is the best move that you have against other Scizor, whilst Pursuit can spell the guaranteed end of Gengar and any given Lati, although again, care must be taken about locking Scizor into it, as it is setup bait for other mons, especially Conkeldurr.

    "Flare Blitz" w/Leftovers or Life Orb
    252Atk/4SpA/252Spe, Naive Nature
    Close Combat
    Stealth Rock
    Stone Edge
    or U-Turn

    We need rocks for this kind of team, that's Infernape's main job and the whole point of VoltTurn to force switches through rocks. His second job is checking Volcarona, who can otherwise cause big problems for this team, although if one prefers, he can lose Stone Edge for U-Turn and keep building momentum and scouting. Infernape is a fast, aggressive and uncommon user of Stealth Rock who can force switches on his own, so it usually gets rocks up, if it doesn't bait out Xatu or Espeon.

    Close Combat is STAB here and Overheat is the 'mixed' in Infernape's mixed attacker. Stealth Rock is something almost vital to this team's success, forcing all of the residual damage we need. Stone Edge provides excellent coverage with Close Combat and is the core of checking Volcarona, however if one prefers to keep momentum and wing checking Volcarona with Mienshao, then U-Turn can be used.

    "Psychic" w/Light Clay or Leftovers
    252HP/252Def/4Spd, Bold nature
    Magic Bounce
    Light Screen
    or U-Turn

    Just as important as getting rocks up for your side is keeping them away from yours, since you will be switching a lot. Since it's hard to find a spinner that fits well onto a VoltTurn team, I elected that since this team takes the approach of using mostly frail mons, it would appreciate dual screens, as well as my general attitude towards Stealth Rock supporting the use of Xatu.

    Simple move choices. If you feel you don't need a screener, then Leftovers and U-Turn can be used instead of Light Clay and Light Screen, but the utility of screens often outweighs that of scouting on Xatu itself.

    Well, there we go.

    I may look like an idiot, I may sound like an idiot, but don't let that fool you; I really am an idiot.

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    Default Re: My little Gen V RMT

    So you have nothing for Stealth Rocks and Spikes and Toxic Spikes. Even if someone set up stealth rock and one layer of spikes your team would be in trouble.

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    Default Re: My little Gen V RMT

    Quote Originally Posted by Professor Jacel View Post
    So you have nothing for Stealth Rocks and Spikes and Toxic Spikes. Even if someone set up stealth rock and one layer of spikes your team would be in trouble.
    Thats what volt-turn is about. You don't allow your opponent enough time to set up all those entry hazards.
    Quote Originally Posted by Takaki View Post
    @Pikmin1211; Pokemon Online has options for all but rotation battles. None of those you listed are competitive metagames though except Cresselia championships... I mean VGC.


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