Team: Speed-かわいい!

Main Focus: Speed, Status Ailments, Semi-Moderate Hits, and being supa adorable.

This is the "first" competitive team I've made (the real first being for 2012 VGC's, but EV's weren't applied on them). I didn't look up anything on Smogon or any other Competitive site, so if I had somehow completely ripped off a moveset from there or somewhere, I'm sorry. I don't use Tiers, so they aren't here, obviously. And for the love of Aizen, please don't go about telling me a different Pokemon to use, because these need to be fantastically cute (Unless you want to replace Kingdra with Azumarill or something, bwaha). This team is also meant for Double Battles. Sorry if I don't use all of the proper "terms" when I write this, since I'm still a bit new to this. If I leave anything out, tell me. And if it matters, all of the Pokemon are intended to be female P: If you wonder about Egg-Moves, I have checked them all, and they can all be bred with the Egg Move(s) I gave them (if any, to some Pokemon). Thanks for reading, and thanks for rating my team!

Lopunny- Jolly or Adamant
Klutz with Toxic Orb
252 Spd./252 Attk/4 Sp. Attk

Magic Coat
Low Sweep

My plan with Lopunny is pretty straightfoward- Switch out the Toxic Orb with Switcheroo fairly early in the battle and apply Magic Coat. If Switcheroo couldn't be used early, Klutz would prevent Lopunny from being poisoned. Then while inbetween turns, using Bounce and Low Sweep for some damage, with the Toxic Orb being implanted on the opposing Pokemon. Lopunny is my main Physical "powerhouse", if you would put it. She wouldn't be used as a lead frequently, but if the situation presented itself, I think she would do fine. Maxing out her Speed (of course), Attack, and Special Attack, just in case she were to have a Special Move placed on her.

Jumpluff- Timid
Chlorophyll with Heat Rock
252 Spd./252 Sp. Def/4 HP

Sunny Day
Giga Drain
Leech Seed

Jumpluff is also kind of straightfoward. Set in Sunny Day quickly to have Chlorophyll and Heat Rock take effect. With Jumpluff's Speed through the roof then, she'd start to Leech Seed and place Toxic on the opponent's Pokemon, causing damage quickly, and restoring some HP back to Jumpluff. If Jumpluff needs more HP, Giga Drain would be there to help. Maxing out Speed once again, along with Special Defense in case of Ice moves, and a bit for HP, to make Jumpluff a bit more stable. Jumpluff would probably be a lead, because of all of the status ailments it can bring quickly.

Emolga- Timid or Modest
Static with BrightPowder
252 Spd./208 Sp. Attk/48 Sp. Def

Thunder Wave
Volt Switch
Charge Beam
Double Team

Since Emolga is weaker (by Base Stats) from the rest of my team, the focus was on Speed and Evasiveness, while doing some damage. If Emolga was hit by a Physical Move, Static could be cause the opponent to be paralyzed, but if it didn't, Thunder Wave is there for use. Along with BrightPowder to help with Evasiveness, Emolga has Double Team to use here and there. To do some damage, Emolga has its famous Volt Switch to get out of a battle it can't seem to win, but also doing some damage. Charge Beam is there to keep raising its Special Attack. Speed is obviously in place here, and Special Attack (in my opinion) is needed on Emolga when it wants Charge Beam to actually provide good damage. Special Defense is there to slightly protect Emolga from Ice moves as well. Emolga isn't intended as a lead, but as a come-and-go offender.

Kingdra- Mild
Swift Swim with Wise Glasses
252 Spd./252 Sp. Attk/4 Sp. Def

Rain Dance
Dragon Pulse
Ice Beam

Kingdra is kinda cute, in a way P: Anyhoo, right as Kingdra is set into battle, Rain Dance would occur to support Swift Swim. While Kingdra is being fairly quick, it would bring out all of her moves, which are all laid out to receive type coverage: Dragon Pulse for Dragon-Types, Ice Beam for Dragon, Grass, and Ground, and Brine for Fire and so on. Since Kingdra is a tad fragile, Brine would be used frequently when her HP falls below halfway, doing double its original damage. Along with those moves doing good damage, Wise Glasses are applied to add on to the damage amount. Speed and Special Attack are must-haves, and Special Defense is here so Kingdra has some protection against Electric-type moves. Kingdra could be a lead (but not with Jumpluff, of course), and, as seen, Kingdra is my main Special Attacker.

Espeon- Timid or Hasty
Synchronize with Flame Orb
252 Spd./252 Sp. Attk/4 Sp. Def

Morning Sun

Espeon would act as a lead, along with Jumpluff. Espeon would pass its Burn from the Flame Orb to an opponent, causing them to get burned as well. But as the opponent gets weaker, Espeon will be aided with Wish and Morning Sun. With Espeon with Jumpluff's Sunny Day, Espeon's HP will keep going back to full health. Attract is there to prevent the opponent from attacking (hopefully) all of the time, and then Psychic is with Espeon to fully utilize Espeon, and to provide additional damage. Special Defense was thrown on Espeon for protection against Ghost and Dark moves.

Togekiss- Modest
Serene Grace with Chesto Berry
252 Spd./208 Sp. Def/48 HP

Stored Power

Togekiss's selling point is with the AncientPower and Stored Power combo. As AnicentPower is used, and Togekiss' stats keep adding up (because of Serene Grace), Stored Power becomes more...powerful, and would blow a great hit when it is needed. Flamethrower was put on to inflict the Burn state onto other Pokemon. If Togekiss is running out of HP, it has the wonderful Rest and Chesto Berry combination to get her up and running again. Now that I'm looking at the EV's, it doesn't make much sense to have 48 onto HP...and I would probably hand those stats over to Special Attack.

Thanks for looking!