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Thread: Multi Battle Partner Wanted :'(

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    Default Multi Battle Partner Wanted :'(

    Ok first of all so I don't get misinterpreted on my post, I am not looking for a Battle at the moment, I know battles are made in the Battle Center or whatever. I am simply looking for a normal partner.

    Ok I'm for some reason more comfortable with girls than guys, though I have a reason which I can not say, it's a long story. And I'm needing someone with Game Chat access because it's a good way to point out some disadvantages. Not a must (but i wish i had a gf on Pokemon X or Y with game chat, though it's a 95% chance of not happening :'( ). So here is my current team, but I'm only using it till I can Power Level all my upcoming team through Elite Four.

    Jolteon 79
    Blastoise 76
    Lucario 86
    Blaziken 77
    Delphox 82 (removed from party)

    Jolteon 79+

    Not using Sylveon though I love it, it's Defense and Sp Def is way too low. Even at 55.

    Needing someone compatible more with the Upcoming team. I'm power leveling Umbreon and Vaporeon as we speak. And since Multi Battle only lets us use 3 Pokemon each, this is the perfect amount. So someone with Flareon would help too.

    edit: my 3DS code is 1650-1693-6211 put yours down too.
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    Default Re: Multi Battle Partner Wanted :'(

    Multi Battle teams can't be formed over the Internet; X and Y only have the capacity to form them over local connections. Yeah, I know. Really stinks there.

    I'm gonna have to close this thread. Sorry.
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