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    Alright so Playing my whiite version catching a bunch of solosis because I was going to IV/EV train a beast when when Blam!! Shiny Liepard I freaked out and caught it and made me happy. I want to Ev train this one I looked and here are his IV's if you are wondering
    Attk-16-19 -10%
    Def- 22-26
    special attack- 20-23 +10%
    special defense- 30
    speed- 6-9
    So what Iv's do you think I should add I was thinking special attack not too sure what else. Also what would be a movveset? This is what I am thinking thunderwave, nasty plot, sucker punch, and hyper beam. What do you think? Or got a good suggestion?

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    I believe it gets Dark Pulse as a move tutor move in B/W 2, so that may help if you wish to go along the Special Attacking route. I'm not sure how effective Sucker Punch will be without any attack investment though, as you'll be more than likely focusing on Speed and Special Attack?
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    Default Re: Liepard training

    Hmm, the problem here is that many of Liepard's best options are egg moves, most notably Encore (which is particularly good if your ability is Limber or Prankster). You can't breed for a specific Hidden Power, so Liepard's shallow special movepool is going to limit the effectiveness of a Nasty Plot set.
    While it might seem a shame to waste that Modest nature, a more support oriented set utilising Taunt, U-turn and Foul Play might contribute more to the team overall. You could throw in a special attack of your choice or a status move like Thunder Wave in the last slot depending on what your team needs. Either way, you'll still have to wait until BW2 for Liepard's best moves to become available.


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