Lets revive the tournaments!
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Thread: Lets revive the tournaments!

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    Default Lets revive the tournaments!

    I mostly joined here to try out the leagues, but as far as I've seen their really inactive! I would really like to get started with making a tournament. But first I would obviously need team members. I have one made called Team Tragedy, based on the Disaster Pokemon Absol. As for me, I'm not exactly the best I'd say, but I do put up a pretty good fight with my legit Pokemon. I'm on Bulba everyday so if you want to send a PM asking any questions, feel free. I'll probably be making our own group too, so we can all talk.

    You don't have to be absolutely perfect to join or anything, this is mostly for fun and bettering our teams right now. But if you play pro, then your welcome to have in too. I hope to get some new members, and can't wait to see you in the team

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    Default Re: Lets revive the tournaments!

    There is a league on the chat that's on my sig. Pros are spread around in most places, but I think Pokemon Online might be a better choice if you want to find people who are serious about tournaments.


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