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    Default Let's battle!

    My friend code is 0820 2962 1178

    Only rule is no ubers

    My pokemon are all at level 100 so let me know if you want to have a flat level 50 battle or leave our pokemon at their current levels.

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    I'll battle you! I have spent some time to finally train a team to the max level, so I'd love to try them out in an epic clash.
    bw2; 1464 4137 2119.

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    Default Re: Let's battle!

    Is this still open? i'm looking to 'test' out my team that I'm using in the upcoming tourney (they aren't overly powerful) and I want to see if they can at least hack it.

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    Default Re: Let's battle!

    *Lv 50 battle* *I don't care for teirs* FC is 0734-2622-8625
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