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Thread: Let me rate your team!

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    Default Let me rate your team!

    Just tell me your team. also tell me what game your team is from? include moves, level and nature and i will rate them using this formula:

    For individual pokemon:
    Creativity: Is it a overused or underused pokemon?
    Defense: Does it have many or little weaknesses?
    Moveset: Does it have a good moveset?
    Competitive: Is it good for multiplayer use?
    Offense: Does it have many or little strengths?

    For the whole team:
    Overall creativity
    Diversity: Does the team have many types or does it use the same ones?
    Usefullness: will it be a effective team for this game?

    No hacked or event pokemon please!
    Hope you guys have lots of teams for me to rate!

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    Default Re: Let me rate your team!

    You know, you can rate teams by going to their threads. It's a better approach than trying to restrict them all to one thread.

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