Kingdra/Cloyster in-training, need some ideas and recommendations (non-competitive)

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Thread: Kingdra/Cloyster in-training, need some ideas and recommendations (non-competitive)

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    Question Kingdra/Cloyster in-training, need some ideas and recommendations (non-competitive)

    Okay, it's me again. I'm now working on a Kingdra (currently a Seadra, but that'll change soon), but before I evolve it and use up a Dragon Scale, I wanted some evaluation and ideas. I'm also working on a Cloyster for the same reason, and need bit of an evaluation on it, too. To start things off, this Kingdra/Cloyster is going to replace my Starmie. I love Starmie, but all those weaknesses are starting to hammer away at me, especially at the PWT, so I want to start fresh with a new Water-type. Also, while Starmie is fast, for some reason, it gets run down by supposedly slower Pokemon (even without Trick Room), so I'm working on these two Water-types to see which one will fare better on my team. Here are the statistics of both.

    Seadra (Storm)
    -Docile (Quick Tempered)
    -LV 51
    -Scald, Ice Beam, Surf, Dragon Pulse

    Cloyster (Ice Cannon) (Pokerus)
    -Serious (Strong willed)
    -LV 66
    -Skill Link
    -Icicle Spear, Razor Shell, Icicle Crash, Shell Smash

    Now, apart from the levels I caught them at (their current levels), which one do you think would work best for my team? Are their moves at all good? What held items should I give them? You get the gist of it. My remaining team consists of Emboar, Gardevoir, Braviary, Lucario, and Garchomp. Thanks in advance. And remember, this is for a non-competitive team, so don't start with the IV/EV, Choice items, Power items, etc, just a regular, straight-forward, fun battle team. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Kingdra/Cloyster in-training, need some ideas and recommendations (non-competitiv

    I think Kingdra would be best suited for your team, as Cloyster's exploitable SpDef and common weaknesses give it set-up problems. My preferred choice is Cloyster, however, so I would pass on a small bit of advice:
    With a Jolly nature, good IV's and max speed EV's, one Shell Smash allows Cloyster to outspeed most of the game, and lets it hit like a truck. In terms of items, you probably want a white herb to heal the defense drop, or Leftovers to recover from whatever attacks you recieve whilst setting up. As far as moves, you could exchange Icicle Crash for Rock Blast for more coverage, and that would set you up pretty well (Rock blast is an egg move, most easily gotten from the Omanyte/Omastar family for Cloyster/Shellder). With Skill Link (preferred ability), Rock Blast and Icicle Spear are effectively base 125 and KO through sturdy.

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    Default Re: Kingdra/Cloyster in-training, need some ideas and recommendations (non-competitiv

    Hey Cyth,

    I have both of these pokemon fully evolved and 50+. If you want to borrow them to check if they work out for your team you can.

    Personally Cloyster is more vulnerable so needs a focus sash but can layout some much more serious smack down if allowed to shell smash and get going. I would not use a Cloyster without that item as it will spend alot of time getting 1 shot.

    Kingdra is better all round. He is a great choice for a tough to kill Water Type as it only is weak to dragon attacks.


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