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    Default JARMT (Just Another Rate-My-Team)

    Well, I'll get straight to the point. I need some help getting my team ironed out. Here you go (not in any specific order. My lead hasn't been chosen yet)

    Scizor@Rawst Berry
    [EV's unknown]
    -Swords Dance
    -Bullet Punch
    -Aerial Ace

    Scizor is going to be kinda an anti-ghost/fighting mon. He is usually run with a fighting move, so if somebody predicts into a fighting move, I can swords dance, and then pursuit (obvious ). Pretty much everything on this has been used on a Scizor at one point or another. Rawst is to prevent burn, which cripples him, yadda yadda. You understand. Standard standard standard.

    [Nature unknown]
    [EV's unknown]
    -Pain Split
    -Ominous Wind

    I got this mon from a friend. It's one of the biggest trollmons that I've ever seen. Eviolite gives it a 1/5x mod to defenses, and it really just stalls. Will-o-Wisp to burn and cripple physical attackers (because it's a physically defensive mon), and pain split for recovery. Ominous wind for attacking and possible boosting. I've had games where it got to 2v5, and I stall with this one and then sweep (with the other pokemon) after their mons have been damaged a bit. It works well.

    [EV's Unknown]
    -Psyvho Cut
    -Heal Pulse
    -Night Slash
    -?/Destiny Bond

    I've never run a Gallade before, so I decided to run one finally. Pretty much just covering some bases with this one. I've got three mons that are weak to ghost, so I've got to cover for them somehow xD Anyway, this one runs a bit of recovery with heal pulse. Destiny bond was a bit of a tossup for me because it could make some games in which I would lose into a tie game. I just thought it would be pretty fun. It's a crit pokemon, so I am thinking of running something to boost crit rate.

    Natural Cure
    [EV's Unknown]
    -Rapid Spin

    Surprise spinner. It's to going to have any water moves, so they can switch out their water-weak mons all they want. It will add to the illusion that I've gotten into their head by making them think I'm predicting their moves. Extra recovery because it's defenses are abysmal.

    Hydreigon@Choice scarf
    [Nature Unknown]
    [EV's Unknown]

    I may replace Hydreigon, as it was one of the first pokemon I put into the team. I think something fast with ice moves would do just as well.

    Togekiss@king's Rock
    [Nature Unknown]
    Serene Grace]
    [EV's Unknown]

    It's obviously a parahax mon. I haven't seen many of these lately, so I wanted to run one. They're always fun.

    There's my team. Rate and fix?
    It makes me sad to not see many on the forums.

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    Default Re: JARMT (Just Another Rate-My-Team)

    I recommend getting a better look at the rules of the BS&T. There's also this thread for help with incomplete teams.

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