How's your competition in this June?
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Thread: How's your competition in this June?

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    Default How's your competition in this June?

    I'm a noob, so, don't ask... I lose a lot and only win against a low rated trainer (below 1500)...
    Maybe, I should care more about IV, and my Pokemon haven't reach level 100, yet...
    Beside, Master division is full of.. Master...

    So, how's your battle? What's your strategy to win?
    I'm okay... I'm just... need to be alone right now...

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    Default Re: How's your competition in this June?

    Heh, at this point, I don't really care about the actual competition and just do the minimum amount of battles. I tend to do pretty well; usually I finish a rating around 1550-1620 in the Master's Division. But then again, I don't think I've ever participated in over 50 battles. lol

    My favorite strategies tend to be Trick Room, Tailwind, or Rain. And sometimes a combination of those.

    Also, the levels don't matter, so long as your Pokemon are above level 50. IV's can make a difference, but they don't make that much of a difference. EV'ing is vital, though.


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