SublimeSo it has come to our, the Staff’s, attention here that some members wanted to write a War Story, but weren’t doing it quite right. I’m going to try and explain how to do it the best I can, and I’m going to leave this thread open so if there are any questions other people can answer them as well. Now writing a War Story isn’t hard at all, but it’s supposed to be pretty long.

Before you write a war story:
-Make sure that the battle you’ve had was very good, if not one of your best.
-Have a list, or at least a very good memory, of what happened basically every turn.
-Be as descriptive as possible. Remember the more you describe things the more enjoyable and informative the story will be.

Writing your war story:
-Somewhere in your thread title put "War Story"
-Tell us a bit about where and how the battle came about.
-List your team before the story.
-If there were any special rules or clauses make sure to tell us that.
-Tell us your thought process, and if you were chatting online or in person with your opponent include some of those details as well.
-Describe every turn. It’s a must, even if a Pokemon used Protect and that’s all that happened.

-List stats of each Pokemon IN THE BATTLE. Like the HP amount and if there is any status condition.
-Tell us how many Pokemon each person has, or if you’re up or down(Pokemon-vise).
--For example: Your Lucario knocks out your opponents Gengar the first turn. Say at the end “Gengar down, I’m up 6-5” Or something like that.
-You can end the War Story any way you’d like, but don’t have it really short, but then again don’t have it really long…unless you want to.

So these are the basics in my opinion. Writing one isn’t hard, but some people probably don’t do it because of how much you have to type. I’ll leave a link to Smogon and their War Story Archive at the end. You may only use Smogon’s War Story Archive FOR REFERENCE and NOTHING ELSE. If I catch you ripping off anything from someone on Smogon you will be infracted, and after that you will be banned. Respect other web sites and people, DO NOT RIP.
If anyone wants me to add/change/delete something please say so. Any questions about War Stories go HERE, and feel free to answer questions if you know the answer.

~Smogon University - Competitive Pok
~Warstory Archive - Smogon Community
~Warmachine version 1.0 - Smogon Community

-All Credit to Sublime for writing this.