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Thread: Help with my Heart Gold team

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    Cool Help with my Heart Gold team

    Hi I'm new to the forum. I was planning on buying Heart Gold and I always plan my team, I just need some opinions on it.

    My plan was to use:
    -HM slave

    Now I can't decide if I should use Exeggutor, I'm also interested in using a slowbro, any help on that?

    Also I dont have a flying pokemon so any suggestions on that would be cool too?

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    I used Mew as my HM slave after I beat the Elite Four. That's a good team you have planned. I wouldn't recommend switching Exeggutor with Slowbro because you already have Feraligatr, and having two Water-types is not always a good idea. Then again, three of the eight HMs in HeartGold are Water-type, so this would come in handy.

    You could use Skarmory for Fly and Cut, or Sudowoodo for Rock Smash and Strength.

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    I love Exeggutor so I can't argue against it. It covers the psychic side of things that Slowbro would, and I love to use it in sun with chlorophyll. Hope you have a fun game with whatever you choose :)


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