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Thread: help me, build my team.

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    Default help me, build my team.

    Hi guys, I need help! My team doesn't have any order or structure since I throw my Pokemon together based on their cuteness, anyway here's my main Pokemon! Build them as if you were building your own team.

    Blissey ♀
    Blissey is my baby, she's my favourite out of all my pokemon because of her killer HP.

    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Natural Cure
    HP: 714/714
    Wish Protect
    SeismicToss Toxic

    She lasts okay in battles, her HP gives her the edge that I need to make up for her lack of effective attacks. She's generally my third choice because of how slow she can come in for battles, I hate that to keep her good I need Protect and Wish. n_n; Was thinking of equipping her with leftovers, would need a good convincing to make me ditch her.

    Starmie is my second choice, it has amazing speed and a perfect set of IV's.

    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Natural Cure
    HP: 262/262
    HydroPump Thunderbolt
    Psychic IceBeam

    Starmie is generally my second choice because it knows thunderbolt and is quick enough to get the first move in, especially up against other quick Pokemon. Tyranitar has been my greatest challenge against WiFi opponents n_n; and Excadrill.

    Umbreon ♂ & Umbreon ♀ Twins

    [I]Umbreon and Umbreon are my favourite team, because it happens to be my favourite pokemon behind Zorua c: and both these Umbreon hatched within a minute of each other and were both shiny as Eevee's which was weird!

    Nature: Lonely and Lax
    Ability: Synchronize
    HP: 357/357, 331/331.

    Moonlight Psychic
    FaintAttack ShadowBall

    Curse DoubleTeam
    Toxic LastResort

    These two can't be used in the same team during a double battle, and I prefer my male Umbreon over my female because of his moveset, but the female is seemingly better in double battles, or so I've found.

    Lapras ♀

    Lapras is my first choice as far as water Pokemon go, although is very weak :l

    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Water Absorb
    HP: 464/464
    Rest SleepTalk
    Surf IceBeam

    Lapras dies almost easily whenever someone is using an electric or a ground type who knows earthquake or fissure. For some reason whenever I vs another Lapras though it's extremely strong. So I know I'm doing something wrong n_n;


    Mew is my favourite to battle with, just because it's so cute :)

    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Synchronize
    HP: 341/341
    SwordsDance ZenHeadbutt
    SuckerPunch DrainPunch

    I've never battled with my Mew on WiFi because it isn't allowed, but during battles through the Union club it has always done kinda well.



    I'm currently training more Pokemon for my teams, but if you need to know stats for my substitutes or anymore info for my others then comment please! I want an awesome team for WiFi battles and Union Club battles. All my Pokemon are lvl 100 if it helps.

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    Default Re: help me, build my team.

    Well first if u want to battle on wifi and union club u are not going to be able to use both umbreons since u can only use one pokemon of each, then the 1st thing that comes to mind watching it, is that u have to many walls and no good sweeper. on the list of substitutes u just put u have a couple of them, Dragonite, gyarados, swampert, flygon, medicham all of tem able to put some serious damage if u use them properly.

    Now are u well aware of how to breed pokemon or do EV training?


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